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Moose Island | Agony Beach

Since releasing the debut EP ‘Underwater’ and being recognised by music bloggers in Sweden and across the globe — Moose Island has just released summer hit ‘Agony Beach’.


In most of our lives, we aim for our paradise. The place where we are finally set free from our struggles. The reality however, is that we can’t outrun them. Upon reaching our paradise we may realize that the pain tagged along.

Through this lighthearted song - Moose Island paints a rather dark reality.

“We’re leaving, together, divided

We’re gonna live our life under the agony trees”

Tore Bojsten is Moose Island, the DIY-artist who has teamed up with ALDO, the songwriter and producer and created the indie label Different Phases. The Single ‘Camera Lens’ was recently featured on Spotify’s playlist New Music Friday Sweden followed by a radio appearance on AMK Morgon.

The cover art of ’Agony Beach’ is created by Albin Eidhagen in collaboration with Vera Lasthein. It visualizes a photo of a miniature version of Moose Island, sitting alone on a dreary beach. Mini Moose is a handmade original, created in clay by Vera Lasthein. 


Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @mooseisland

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