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St Lundi | Heavy Words

Stripped back, raw and charming are just three words St Lundi’s new music video for single ‘Heavy Words’.


With the release of his debut EP ‘Heavy Words’, St Lundi AKA Archie Langley has released a stunning video for the title track that serves as the perfect backdrop for the song with its minimalistic and spacious setting.

The single itself is centred around the different stages in a relationship and how emotions can change over time as people grow and develop together. The video is littered with simple metaphoric imagery that follows the different lyrical stages in the track with the use of props. For example as the song flows through the first dates in a relationship the video shows St Lundi performing the song at a dinner table that has been laid out to replicate a romantic dinner date.

The minimalist design adds a charming atmosphere to the video that fits with the song as a simple, uncomplicated but artistic music video. When talking about the inspiration behind the video for Heavy Words St Lundi explains:

"The idea behind the video is that it follows stages throughout a relationship. The first dates, moving in together and then unfortunately falling apart and separating. This ties in well with the theme of the song as it’s written about the moment one knows the end of a relationship is near as their partner is holding onto heavy words."


Listen to 'Heavy Words' HERE Instagram: @st.lundi



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