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Conventioner | Patterns

Brimming with lush production and mellow vocals, Nashville based singer / songwriter Conventioner debuted his newest single 'Patterns'. The track is one of several the burgeoning synthpop artist plans to roll out in 2020.


Conventioner explains:

"I think a lot of people have had the kind of relationship that falls into a cycle of on again and off again, push and pull. I have a lot of friends who have felt trapped by patterns and cycles that they knew were not healthy for them. I wanted to write about that moment of clarity where you start to think objectively about what's going on and how it's affecting you."

The brainchild of Philadelphia transplant James Chester, Conventioner began as an acoustic-driven solo project in 2015. Shortly after moving to Nashville to pursue songwriting full-time, simplistic melodies gave way to slick, electronic production and an entirely new sound was born.

Although this new material marks an uncharted foray into pop for Conventioner, he's still managed to retain the intimate storytelling vulnerability that makes his sound so unique.


Listen to 'Patterns' HERE Instagram: @cnvntnr


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