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Already established as a fresh and inventive producer and songwriter, collaborating with teh likes of Laleh, Nea and Karen Harding to name a few, as well as being named as Spotify's first ever RADAR songwriter, Swedish-Iranian producer, songwriter, and artist Natali Noor now sits in front of the microphone for the bright and bouncing new single ‘Policeman’.


Giving off a sassy dance-pop vibe that conjures comparisons to the likes of M.I.A and Major Lazor, she sets the goal of making you want to express yourself and your inner desires without any shame. Visually inspired by Alice In Wonderland, swing, and a little bit of BDSM, it truly stands out as a vibrant work of art.

Speaking about the new offering, she said,

“In the past, I've been too scared to express myself and my inner desires. Producing and writing this song allowed me to let out all that energy and just stop giving a damn. I finished it during the isolation period of the pandemic, while I imagined the clubs being opened again and the crowd going wild to the beat. I want people to make-out and dance ugly to it!”

The song will also be featured in Rolling Stones this June, and on the Spotify RADAR playlist. You do not want to miss out on this addictive banger from a fresh artist who both produces, writes, sings, edits and is in complete control of her project.

'Policeman' is out now. Listen HERE @natali.noor


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