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Nathan Achilles | Young Rush

Nathan Achilles has fired the starting pistol on his solo career with his nostalgic single ‘Young Rush’.


Coining his own unique synth- pop, which has been likened to esteemed Troye Sivan, Nathan Achilles is the avant-garde newcomer ready to shake things up in the sonic stratosphere. 

Nathan Achilles spoke about the influence behind his new single, saying: 

“Young Rush is a song I wrote during a period of rapid change and overwhelming fear in my life. This song allowed me to express that fear but also allowed me to come to the realization that fear only prohibits us from living in the moment rather than protecting us from the moments we cannot control.”

Expect a debut EP from the artist this fall.


Listen to 'Young Rush' HERE Instagram: @nathanachilles


Twitter: @ross_alister


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