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Interview | New Hope Club

We had a chat with Reece Bibby, George Smith and Blake Richardson, otherwise known as New Hope Club, ahead of their biggest UK tour to date.


It was back in 2015 that three teenage boys set out on their journey to conquer the music world. Fast forward to 2020, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Photo Credit: Danny North


You guys released your debut album this month. Even though it’s been a long time and I bet you’ve been dying to get it out for ages, do you feel like this is the right time & are you glad you’ve waited to really find your sound?

"Definitely, I feel like everything we’ve done since we first got together four years ago has been leading up to this point. Some of the first songs we wrote are on this album, but also newer songs that have come as our sound has developed, so it's really a musical journey following everywhere we have been and the experiences we’ve had. It’s the most incredible feeling to finally have the album out in the world."


What would be 3 requirements to be a member of New Hope Club?

"1 Hardworking - I feel like you need to be ready to put it in the extra hours.

2 Friendly - Someone who always tries to be the best of themselves and wanting to help and be nice to others.

3. Up for having a laugh - even though you are working hard, you must want to do it as fun as possible. Taking the mick out of eachother and chatting absolute rubbish is key."


Do you each have a favourite track from the album? "For me personally my favourite song off of the album would have to be ‘You and I’. I think this song really sums up our live shows very well; it really gives you the feel of what it would be like to be in the audience of a New Hope Club gig. The whole premise of the song is that all you need is that person and yourself to get by, and that your love really can make any situation you may find yourself in okay because you have each other."


You can read our extended interview with New Hope Club, and our review of their debut album in Issue One of The Lowdown Magazine, grab your copy online HERE.

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