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London, Ontario indie-pop band New Friends have released their new single 'Doomed' - a Y2K dance party themed song all about being self-aware of one’s hazardous and chaotic approach to relationships.


The track is an upbeat and satirical reflection on being reckless that urges listeners to acknowledge the issues in their love lives, smile, and worry about them tomorrow.

Featuring vocals dripping with attitude and confidence, New Friends combine acoustic nostalgia with a bombastic, electrified chorus.

New Friends went viral with 'Purple Candy' the first song they ever recorded when they barely knew each other - now at 5.5 million streams and counting - scattered to their respective homes during Covid, recorded and released more songs, then won Slaight Music’s life-changing It’s Your Shot contest. The resulting EP, 'Camaro', was recorded with the $100,000 studio and promotion prize.

Bassist Conrad says,

“Our superpower is that all four of us are different and our influences so different that going into a recording session, everyone’s coming into it with a completely different musical background. Our thing is to bring that nostalgia for bands we loved growing up into our sound."

Citing such varied sources as Coldplay, Snow Patrol, The Fray, Arctic Monkeys, and COIN, the seven-song EP includes the first single, “Doomed, 'Ricochet' and 'Waste My Time'. All three singles are part of the band’s self-discovery of a distinct sound after such instant, unexpected success.

'Doomed' is out now. Listen HERE @newfriendsmusic


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