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Progressive indie-pop outfit TREY have released the lead single 'Shove' from their third EP release in a year, setting the tone for 'Everything is Strange, but I'll Be Fine', due for release mid-2022.


'Shove', focused on a particular relationship experience in college, is centered on leaving an unhealthy chapter and observing the individual growth that comes after. The song was produced between two cities, with TREY members sending files back and forth from Brooklyn to Saint Louis as they fought to create something of high quality. Originally written in 2015, the song had a life cycle of 9 re-recorded demos of varying genres and intensity before finally hitting its stride as the post-rock anthem you hear today.

They say on the track,

“Shove is heavier than we’ve ever gone and it seems to be leading TREY in a new direction. Will we stay there? Who knows. Even though it was written more than 7 years ago, today’s production brings the lyrics to life. Shove is about ending a relationship and knowing that both parties are better off, which is a near-universal experience. Hope it hits deep.”

Opening with gritty guitars, the intense and arguably confrontational message is set to full-sounding production that replicate an orchestra of sound made for the big stages. Then the rock and roll sound increases in both perceived speed and intensity, at the huge culmination of this obvious message of heartbreak. The swells and drops make this song solicit emotional vehemence! You can’t listen only once.

TREY is spread between two full-time members based in Brooklyn and Phoenix. Self-aware song writing focuses on frontman Ernest Brockman’s experience with love, family, and sex, and lends itself to the band’s extremely high-energy, tightly-produced live shows. The band’s discography comes to lie with a rotating gauntlet of studio players who have proven themselves to be friends of the band over the years, and TREY shows no signs of slowing down.

'Shove' is out now. Listen HERE @allcapstrey


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