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Interview | Twinnie

Having taken 2019 by storm, the rising artist kicks off 2020 with the announcement of her anticipated debut album, ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ - out 17th April on BMG. Recorded between London, Nashville and Sweden, ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ is a pop-country masterpiece filled with irresistible belters. The album is catchy, yet emotive and brimming with charming honest lyrics that draw you into Twinnie’s world.

Speaking of the album Twinnie said:

“The title of the album pretty much sums me up. I am a traveller by nature and by heritage, so I am quite free. ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ is about me, my life, my artistry.”

The twelve-track album features the extremely hooky and Radio 2 playlisted single, ‘Social Babies’; the infectiously witty track that launched her ‘Better When I’m Drunk’; the anthemic ‘I Love You, Now Change’ written about the pressures she’s faced as a new artist in the music industry; as well as ‘Hollywood Gypsy’.

We had a chat with Twinnie on the upcoming release!

You're going to be releasing your debut album ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ later this month. Why did you decide on the name?

"‘Hollywood Gypsy’ is the title track of the album and it really represents the two worlds that I live in: London and Nashville. It also represents my mum and dad and my story. I grew up on Hollywood movie musicals and I’m a gypsy by blood so it only felt right that I call it that."

What’s your favourite track?

"The album has 12 tracks on it, it’s really hard to choose but I think my favourite track is maybe 'I Love You Now Change'."

For any new listeners, how would you describe your sound?

"I would say my sound is storytelling pop, infused with country influences and syncopated drum beats."

Who influences you the most?

"Hard question because there are so many. I’m influenced by some of the greatest songwriters of all time but also by the people that surround me. After all most of my songs are about me or them and the experiences I’ve had."

What is your dream venue to play?

"Red rocks, Hollywood bowl, Wembley... again so many!"

Your headline tour was set to take place this month but has unfortunately rescheduled to November due to the Covid-19 situation. What can fans expect from those shows then you finally get to play them?

"An Epic show!"

What are your 5 essential things to take on tour? "Phone, headphones, guitar, eight hour cream and my tracksuit."

What is next for you? "Who knows... it’s a very strange time for everyone with Covid-19 but I’m currently trying to stay creative and focused. I'm working on an EP with my American label to take to country radio but who knows when I’ll get out to Nashville to record it hopefully it’s not that long a way."


Find out more about Twinnie HERE


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