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Nicolas McCoppin | For Years

Pop artist Nicolas McCoppin has released his single 'For Years' via AWAL, which acted as the final piece of the puzzle for his debut EP.


Following the story of his previous single 'Remember That Night', 'For Years' is feel good, upbeat pop perfection with lyrics that explore the feeling of falling in love for the first time. Nicolas' range is phenomenal and the track has a fantastic danceability factor and catchy lyrics to make you smile.

Nicolas says,

“To me, 'For Years' is the beginning of the story. It starts the journey of what’s to come with the EP.”

Previous release 'Remember That Night' has surpassed 30,000 Spotify streams, whilst earlier singles have now amassed over 100,000 streams collectively. Hailing from New York, Nicolas is an LGBTQ rising pop artist with a signature dream-pop sound mixed with an 80's flair.


Listen to 'For Years' HERE Instagram: @nicolasmccoppin


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