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Nik De | Money

DC rock artist Nik De has proved he is a one to watch, serving up his own breed of hard-hitting rock with his most recent single 'Money'.


The track blends chilled yet playful melodies with elegant harmonies and glistening guitar riff's. Nik's raw and relatable lyricism, alongside gritty yet soulful vocal is sure to captivate both our ears and hearts with his lush cinematic vibe which injects both pop and indie rock to create a contemporary, refined and euphoric sound that you can't help but listen to over and over.

“'Money' is a cool because I wrote it as an intro to the live set; I just wanted to warm people up to the music and dance. I showed it to a bunch of people, and everyone said it needed to be longer, I completely ignored that. Then one day at the start of the quarantine I opened up the project and just started producing it into a full song. The bridge is crazy, I wanted to put the listener into a wormhole of sonic waves. Like someone is just tripping out while dancing in a club. I was able to get the help of Jake Sierzega, Matt Bolton and Josh Para on this one a team that was super easy to work with and has full confidence in my decisions."

Nik De burst onto the scene back in 2019 with his debut project 'I Knew Love, But I Did Not Have It'. Since then he has been on an upward trajectory, building a loyal online following who support each release.

Born and raised in DC into an Indian-American household, Nik grew up surrounded by the sounds of Bollywood music and in his teen years, he began immersing himself into the world of rock and heavy metal. It was then, that Nik knew his goal was to peruse a life in music and he hasn’t stopped chasing his dreams since. However, Nik had to battle with multiple setbacks before perusing his dream of being a musician.

After losing his mobility, Nik was diagnosed with CFS caused by Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Nik’s drive to fight this disease was enough to keep him going and he has never stopped reaching for more. He writes music for those who want to escape  from their situations & feelings and build new perspectives.

'Money' is out now.

Listen HERE @nikde_


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