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Nina Chuba | Levitating

Berlin based singer / songwriter Nina Chuba has released her brand new EP, 'Average' featuring singles including 'Beluga' and 'Levitating'.


'Levitating' was Nina's third single release of 2021, produced and written together with friends and longtime collaborators Dillistone and Crook. She truly proves her versatility as an artist with this release - whereas her previous single 'Who Hurt You' features her impressive rapping skills, 'Levitating' boasts her top-tier songwriting and truly showcases her dreamy and delicate vocal. The track kicks off with a lo-fi pop sound, building with an insistent but minimalistic electronic pulse and really does make you feel as though you are 'Levitating'.

She says on the track,

"Levitating is a song about a relationship that is meant to crash. You keep on holding on to it, pretending you’re levitating although actually you’re falling.”

Alongside her musical talent, Nina shows off her acting and entertainment skills on social media to her quickly growing fanbase. The 22-year old continues to deliver impressive offerings and the brand new EP is an eclectic and experimental 6-track masterpiece which breaks tons of conventions and establishes Nina as an artist with a distinctive sound and a strong identity which is entirely her own.

The 'Average' EP is out now. Listen HERE @ninachuba


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