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Nirob Islam | i miss you

Nirob Islam is building momentum towards his debut EP with hook-heavy new single 'I Miss You' following on from recent singles 'Westside' and 'Stick Around'.


'i miss you' is a bold new single and is accompanied by a striking music video. The hook is super catchy - really clever and lyrically impressive with strong songwriting. The production is clean, current and commercial, Nirob has created a really polished sound and we love it.

Built around the meme ‘Girl cries like a supercar’, the catchy guitar-led track builds on the breezy soundscapes put in place by previous releases and sees him layer another hypnotic hook over production from regular collaborators Medium. The unusual inspiration for the track allowed Nirob to give an upbeat twist to traditionally dark subject matter and create a modern heartbreak sing-along.

Speaking on the story and inspiration behind ‘i miss you’ Nirob shares:

“‘i miss you’ ironically enough is the most fun I’ve ever had writing a song. I wrote it in the Swedish countryside with some of my closest friends. We were laughing so hard because while writing it I made a noise that sounded exactly like the meme ‘Girl cries like a supercar’. The whole song was then built around that moment when I tried to copy her crying voice. It’s amazing that the creative process can be a positive memory even though the song itself and the subject matter comes from a dark place.”

As with previous singles, the track is accompanied by another Hampus Hjellström-directed official music video .

Growing up as a Bengali Muslim in Sweden, there’s always been two cultures, two worlds, colliding and dragging Nirob in different directions. Being an academic was also something always expected from his culture and family. But Nirob wanted to follow his dream to make music and connect with people, whatever their origin.

Having broken through into the industry under his writing pseudonym SHY Nodi, Nirob is now an acclaimed songwriter and has generated over 1 billion streams for some of the world's biggest artists including The Chainsmokers, NOTD and Liam Payne.

Nirob is now well on his way of forging a career all of his own.


Listen to 'i miss you' HERE Instagram: @truffleboii


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