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21 year old trans singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Noah Pearce returns with new single 'Ballet Dancer'.


Having burst onto the scene last year and drawn support from the likes of BBC Introducing and Radio 1 and support slots with Sam Ryder and The Libertines, Noah's story continues in 2023 with this first release from his upcoming EP 'Domicile'. Marking the start of a new chapter for Noah, the new EP was recorded over the last year with the likes of long time collaborator Dimitri Tikovoï, Danny Connors , avant-garde gritpop practitioner Bambie Thug, and solid gold pop legend Cathy Dennis.

While debut EP 'Monster' mapped out his journey as a transmasculine guy with multi-layered alternative pop rooted in teenage musical experimentation and confident, confessional lyricism; 'Ballet Dancer' reveals an evolution in Noah's sound. It’s melodramatic sample from Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet tells the story of 'two people who are in love but whose ambitions and dreams took them to different places, and how despite a split being a mutual agreement, the ballet dancer still takes up a big part of your brain'.

Noah says,

"She's still, as it says in the song, pirouetting around my heart."

Demonstrating Noah Pearce's aptitude for storytelling, the song's candid lyrics traverse the complexities of relationships and conjure vivid images to reflect the frustrations of loving someone but life ultimately getting in the way. The accompanying music video and artwork perfectly mirror this sentiment. The ballet dancer on the EP artwork, incidentally, is Noah's grandmother - a principle dancer in the Hamburg Ballet Company who danced with Nureyev.

"She actually danced to Romeo and Juliet - a famous ballet that talks of doomed love. It felt like a lot of stars lining up: everything fell into place."

A unique new artist with songs which are impossible to ignore, Noah’s strongest suit could be his ability to strike an uncommon balance between being intensely personal and curiously universal. Born in Johannesburg, Noah spent most of his formative years in Luxembourg, hating school, but enamoured with the escapism music provided. Finding joy as both a listener and creator, he describes his sonic identity as if 'The Weeknd, Billie Eilish and Lorde had a three-way love child, spat it out, then let it grow up in France.'

In a world where empathy often seems in short supply, the stories told by voices like Noah Pearce demand attention. Passionate, powerful and armed with a stack of great tunes, as Noah continues to find his voice as a writer in 2023, using music as a mirror to his own experiences, he pushes forward and continues to be himself.

'Ballet Dancer' is out now.


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