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After a string of killer singles, nodisco. is set to drop their highly anticipated EP, 'A Long Talk @ Taylor’s'. Accompanying this new EP is a 19 page short story of the same name featuring hand drawn illustrations by nodisco. himself!


nodisco. has made it clear pegging an artist to a specific genre isn't where it's at, achieving a sonic palette as vast as the ocean. nodisco. dropped several revelatory singles for his immersive EP project, A Long Talk @ Taylors. First was the sophisticated bedroom pop of 'The Symptoms of Vanity'. Then came the sensitively groovy, 'Break My Fall', co-produced by Luke Moellman (Great Good Fine Ok). 'Blame' featuring John Splithoff, was beautifully crafted cosmic R&B.

Then there’s the EP opener and title track that deserves to be highlighted. Kicking off immediately with hyper-pop goodness, the song sets the scene for the rest of the album- recounting a life-changing night at a party after discussing anything and everything with a girl he met that night. A mix of modern production and classic pop goodness, nostalgia is the foundation allowing this track to be universal and set the stage for the various genres Toufexis expertly implements throughout the EP.

nodisco. says,

"This record is my most ambitious yet & really took everything out of me. Based on a true story that happened to me in 2021, it took months if not years to get the story right. I really wanted the world that the story and record lived in to breathe and I think we succeeded in doing that."

nodisco. is the moniker for genre-breaking artist, Chris Toufexis. A bit of a musical enigma, his record collection contains Ready For The World to Jimmy Eat World and everything in between. He taught himself to sing via Brian McKnight, The Carpenters and Morrissey; he learned guitar listening to John Martin, Joao Gilberto and John Mayer. Part of his creative output is rooted in the fact he can't read music. He is a fan first and just finds a way to make the sounds happen. He has an extensive collection of rare 90’s R&B vinyl and 90’s Rolling Stones magazines from which he draws inspiration.

As Toufexis puts it,

"In a world of music that seems so incredibly passive these days, nodisco. creates records that people won’t just remember for the music, but for the story. From the story telling to the physical copies and visuals, each nodisco. record is made for the listener to have a world to live in."

'A Long Talk @ Taylor's' is out now. Listen HERE @nodiscoworld


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