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nodisco. | Unrelated

Toronto-based artist nodisco. brings his music to the bedroom like the cast of Dawson’s Creek or the infamous scene from Say Anything, with his new single 'Unrelated.'


Coming from an artist whose recent single was titled 'Moonlight in my Bedroom', it’s almost as if he knew this time was coming. All of the home-bound isolation doesn’t hold nodisco. back from love though – if nothing else, it has deepened his affection.

It's really easy to listen to nodisco., whatever mood you're in. He blends together a fusion of different genres to create his unique and signature sound with smooth and contemporary vocals, which is truly polished and reliably solid - it's hard to believe that this is only his fourth release.

Chris Toufexis, aka nodisco., shares:

"When you first fall in love, the euphoric bliss never seems to come down. You always want to be around each other, you drink, you laugh, you may even talk about surface level philosophy, but you know there's so much more to you that this person doesn't know yet. ‘Unrelated’ describes the moment in the relationship when the mask and slight facade you put on to this newfound love finally fades and you open up and reveal the most intimate details about yourself."

nodisco. has already found success with his three previous tracks 'Moonlight in my Bedroom', 'Luv U Early' an his debut 'Thoughts From Your Car'. which have all received international praise and given features on top playlists. Hailing from Babyface’s esteemed songwriting camp in Toronto, nodisco. finessed his R&B infused sound under the watch of legendary producer / songwriter Babyface who hand selected him for the program. 'Unrelated' now gives Toufexis the chance to honor his musical heroes that paved the way.

He comes full force with a pop sound all his own; full of buzzing thoughts and heavy contemplations, all paired with lighthearted culture references and a beat that’s sure to get put on repeat.


Listen to 'Unrelated' HERE Instagram: @nodisco_mp3


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