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Northwoods | New Dream

Northwoods (real name Adam Hanson) has released his track 'New Dream'.


'New Dream' is melodic, electro-pop genius - endlessly playable, soft and totally refreshing. Taking inspiration from 80's synths and modern indie pop from the likes of LANY and The 1975, Northwoods has truly excelled with this track. His rich vocal is compelling and intricate, paired with a lush soundscape of dreamy production and quirky melodies,

He says,

"New Dream was inspired by the idea that life changes. Sometimes what's in front of us isn't what we expected but it can be as important as what we've planned for our whole lives."

Making music for many years, Adam has worked as a drummer, guitarist, producer and songwriter, and Northwoods is a personal culmination of a life through music - tragedy, happiness, addiction, nostalgia, love, heart break and then some.

'New Dream' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @thisisnorthwoods


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