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NOTD & Nina Nesbitt I Cry Dancing

NOTD and Nina Nesbitt have joined forces for their new single 'Cry Dancing,' which is the perfect summer anthem, which is all about leaving tears behind on the dancefloor! They have also released an incredibly funny music video for the brand new single, which sees Scottish/Swedish singer and songwriter Nina Nesbitt adopting a variety of roles for the video.

'Cry Dancing' is made up of an excellent production from the multi-platinum Swedish production duo NOTD, also combining Nina Nesbitt's unique vocals on the track. This is an infectiously catchy single and is the perfect follow-up from NOTD's previous single 'I Don't Know Why,' with Astrid S featuring on the single, with it already racking up over twenty-five million streams.

We can guarantee that you'll no doubt be left with a smile on your face and singing 'Cry Dancing' for days on end after you listen to it!

'I'm crying, dancing;

Thank you for understanding;

It's not my heart that's breaking;

It's just these shoes are killing me.

I'm crying, dancing;

It's really quite outstanding;

It's not my heart that's breaking;

It's just the songs they're playing.'

Speaking about the track and the exciting collaboration with Nina Nesbitt, NOTD explained:

"We've been long-time fans of Nina and her work, so we jumped at the opportunity to work on this vocal when we first heard it. 'Cry Dancing' is a mood that has helped carry us through the quarantine. We hope it can do the same for our fans!"

As a respected musician, talented Nina Nesbitt's success continues to grow. Her exceptional second full-length album 'The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change' was released in early 2019 and has generated almost one hundred million streams - a phenomenal achievement! Her collaboration with NOTD is her second collaboration of the year so far, as she recently teamed up with Deacon for 'Long Run.' She also spoke about the fresh collaboration with NOTD, explaining:

"I'm so excited to be collaborating with NOTD! I wrote the song earlier this year in Stockholm and thought it was the perfect sad bop for right now. I've been spending quite a lot of time getting to know more about my Swedish heritage and wanted to make a song that sonically incorporated elements of that."

'Cry Dancing' is out now.

By Rachel Dempster


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