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nxtime | Future Love

3-piece band nxtime teamed up with Kayla Joe for the sensational debut single 'Future Love'.


'Future Love' have proven nxtime to be one of the best groups on the market right now, the vocal blend is just fantastic and the contemporary vibe pushes the track even further. It's chilled, yet funky and the catchy beat has you hooked from the start. Emotionally rich and refined are just a few words that can describe this highly listenable track, totally polished and just a sublime debut offering.

The story of our newest song, Future Love, started  about two years ago.  I was driving around with my brother and we were having a conversation about relationships (or rather my lack thereof at that time in my life).  My brother told me that the love of my life is out there somewhere - right now. This got me thinking - everything that’s going on in my life right now...all the good and bad,all my accomplishments or missteps...literally everything surrounding this time, I’m going to share with her at some point in the future. This made me feel less alone in a way.   It gave me a lot of comfort and made me want to seek a person I could be truly vulnerable with.  This concept sat with me for a while until I had the melody in my head and lyrics written."

The track came almost completely together in one jam session, where the lyrics just instantly worked with a chord progression that lead guitarist Nate had been working on. The lyrics tell the story of the bridge between the past and the future that exists in all of our lives. Crossing that bridge with someone else and sharing who each of you were before you met is magic. 

More tracks are to follow over the next few months!


Listen to 'Future Love' HERE Instagram: @nxtimemusic


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