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ohFrank | Millenial

Robin Stjernberg and Benjamin Roustaing, or ohFrank as they chose to call their duo, create songs sprung directly from the heart.

Their debut single 'Schizophrenic' centered around hiding feelings because of fear of not fitting in. Only weeks later now comes another song from the prolific duo, 'Millenial'.


For ohFrank, there are no rules just a desire to create something that they both relate to. Their music is playful and appealing with a nice soul-pop sound, the lyrics are both deep and blunt.

Robin Stjernberg explains:

“Millenial is a sarcastic, yet honest self-portrait of our generation. We sing about nostalgic memories, which are relevant to so many, like old mobile phones and TV channels like Vh1 and MTV. And we want people to dance to it! It has been said many times that my generation is privileged and self-centered. ohFrank embraces that wholeheartedly”.

One half of ohFrank Swedish, the other half British. Benjamin Roustaing grew up in a small village in southern France, and then moved to a town just outside London, while Robin Stjernberg grew up in a small town in southern Sweden. They met at a songwriting camp in northern Sweden. They didn’t get the opportunity to write together there. Instead, they got drunk during a listening session. A year later Benjamin moved to Sweden, and they began to reconnect while they both went through breakups. Robin and Benjamin began to spend more and more time together, creating the kind of music they wanted to do.

One day they decided to go to a country cottage and concentrate on making music: ohFrank was born.


Listen to 'Millenial' HERE Instagram: @ohfrankworld


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