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Continuing to prove why she's Canada's latest rising pop sensation, artist Olivia Penalva returns with the announcement of her new single 'Judge Away'. The track comes on the heels of the release of her last single 'Ex's', as well as her Western Canadian Music Award nominations for Pop Artist of the Year and Breakout Artist of the Year in 2021.


New single 'Judge Away' is the first single from Olivia's forthcoming EP and is an empowering self love anthem with breathy vocals and a captivating pop sound of gentle acoustics, melodic strings and clap-along production. The track carries the message of not caring what anyone else has to say and their judgement of you and is a feel-good, heart-warming track which will leave you wanting to listen over and over.

She says,

“The idea for judge away came to me late one night while I was scrolling through social media realizing how much judgment there is in the world. I think all of us have experienced some sort of pain from judgement and outside opinion whether it be from friends, loved ones and even strangers. It’s not always easy to accept and love ourselves with all that noise and I realized how much more liberating it would feel to drown it all out and root for ourselves instead. It doesn’t mean it’s not always going to affect us but we have to choose to feel good when we can. I wrote this song with my friend Troy Samson and the words just fell into place as we talked about all the things we’ve been through and the things we wish we had said.”

Taking inspirations from the power princesses of pop, Olivia Penalva graces the sound waves with her diligent writing and tenacious vocals, taking on a range of sonic styles which move from lovely ballads to angsty electronic anthems. Thoughtfully employing music to navigate the trials and tribulations of self-discovery, Olivia has nurtured personal growth amidst her professional challenges and realities. The singer-songwriter embraces the fluctuating emotions of her youth and transforms the chaos into mesmerizing melodies.

Olivia Penalva has worked with some of the industry’s top producers, intentionally curating a pop style that is on track to place at the top of the charts. She has been featured on Spotify Canada’s New Music Friday, Amazon Music’s Fresh Pop, Tidal Pop Queens and Pop Life, among other impressive placements.

'Judge Away' is out now. Listen HERE @oliviapenalva


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