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Olivia Prado | Type of Way

New Bay artist Olivia Prado steps up the gas in her 3rd release 'Type of Way' and pledges to donate Bandcamp sales to People's Breakfast Oakland in line with the BLM movement.


With Bay Area roots and a worldly perspective, Olivia Prado is full of life and color, drawing her soulful pop sound from Motown classics, and 90's artists like Destiny's Child, Aaliyah, and Brittany Spears. She delivers honest and promising vocals as she carves out moments of pain and playfulness into her writing. Recently signed to Text Me Records, Olivia is now laying down the groundwork for her career. Single 'Hey You' marked her musical debut.

Having released only 2 singles in 2019, Olivia Prado was requested by Bandcamp to perform at a local showcase by Text Me Records at the Bandcamp HQ in Oakland in February 2020, where Olivia previewed unreleased music produced by GrandBankss out of Different Fur Studios.

When asked about the new meaning of her new single, Olivia says that it’s about:

“The level of presence I try to have in my relationships while also holding my lover accountable to their words. When writing “Type of Way” I wanted to paint a picture of a brewing romance and create a build of tension that coincides with “sundown”. The love that I’ve experienced has always felt fun and adventurous which is the mood surrounding the song. Due to the current climate of our society and the fight towards racial equality, I will be donating all Bandcamp proceeds from "Type of Way" to the People's Breakfast in Oakland to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Black culture has directly influenced me and my music."


Listen to 'Type of Way' HERE Instagram: @oliviademi


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