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On Fleek | Who We Are

Netherlands based producer On Fleek has released his experimental future house track 'Who We Are'.


'Who We Are' is a melodic yet hard hitting track with tight beats and progressive production. Atmospheric vocals are scattered throughout the track to add to the overall sound, along with light waves of EDM inspired beats over the chorus drops. On Fleek's signature sound is super experimental, and proves that the unexpected works well.

Having a love of music from a young age when he started playing guitar at age 7 and playing in bands at the age of 16, On Fleek decided to experiment with different styles and bought a DJ set at age 17 to start making live mixes, figuring out that electronic music is something he wanted to produce.

Releasing his first tracks on Soundcloud in 2016, On Fleek now has a strong set of releases under his belt.

'Who We Are' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE


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