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Ones To Watch 2020 | Lauren Hibberd

We had a chat with Lauran Hibberd, one of our 2020 Ones to Watch to get an insight into her music, plans and thoughts on gender diversity on music festival line ups!


You had an incredible 2019 and kicked off 2020 with your new single ‘Bang Bang Bang’, what made you choose this track to mark the start of the decade?

"I think the title 'Bang Bang Bang' says it all, I wanted to run out the box this year in a big way. It's ridiculously energetic, and I wanted to start as I mean to go on."

The track is based on the prom scene in ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ which 10 years on is a model rom-com movie. If you were to pick 3 other movies to inspire future tracks which movies would you choose?

"I would choose 500 days of summer, the life aquatic and superbad."

Your name can be spotted on the line ups of the UK and Europes biggest festivals, including Glastonbury on their BBC Introducing Stage. Is it important to you to champion women in music and push for more equality across festival bookings?

"Yes definitely, I know so many amazing chicks in bands so I like to support that as much as I can, not just because we're girls but because we are good!!"

You’ve just completed your headline UK tour in February. What is your favorite thing about touring and performing live?

"I love knowing that anyone would even buy a ticket to come and see me! My favorite thing about it is hearing people sing my songs, it's honestly gold. I also have questionable dance moves and strangely comedic tendencies on stage."

What can we expect to see from you in 2020?

"A second EP, a hint to a debut album, more dark humored videos and even weirder merchandise."


Read more in Issue One of The Lowdown Magazine, grab a copy online HERE.


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