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Interview | Zeds Dead

Let us introduce you to Canadian electronic music duo made up of Dylan Mamid and Zachary Rapp-Rovan, aka Zeds Dead.


The guys released their highly anticipated fourth instalment of their 'We Are Deadbeats' series, 'We Are Deadbeats Vol.4' on 14th January via their own music label 'Deadbeats' following their critically-acclaimed debut 'Northern Lights'.

We spoke to the pair about the label, their new album, influences, upcoming shows & more.

Why did you decide to create your own label and what do you look for in artists when singing someone new to the label?

"A few reasons, one was just that we wanted a way to release music more easily without having to wait for other labels schedules. We wanted to create a world of music and shows with other artists we were into for our fanbase and beyond."

You guys draw inspiration from a magnitude of genres to form your iconic sound and you each bring something different to the table. How has the UK circuit and producers influenced your own releases?

"The UK has had a huge influence on our sound. Drum n Bass, Dubstep, and so much more obviously have deep roots in UK. Really I think BBC is such an amazing thing, to have DJ’s actually play songs they want to play, unlike North America where the radio is a complete major label/ pop star monopoly."

You just dropped your album ‘We Are Deadbeats Vol. 4’; featuring 14 massive tracks which is unusual in the current world of streaming. What makes them fit so well on an album rather than dropping individual singles?

"Is it unusual? I don't know, it's not super calculated. We just felt like it was a good body of work and it fit with the series We Are Deadbeats we've been doing, which was initially meant to showcase artists on the label."

The likes of Jauz, Subtronics, Deathpact & Champagne Drop are featured collabs. Which from the album stood out as your favourites to work on and why?

"The way ‘Save My Grave’ came together right at the end before we submitted was great. The Jauz one was fun to work on. I think my favourite might be ‘Stars Tonight’, I love playing that one out."

Who has given you the best piece of advice in your career so far and how has it helped to get where you guys are today?

"I don't know if anyone really gave me any advice that I can think of. One thing I can say is don't be afraid to fail, failing is way better than never trying."

You have some huge live shows in the diary over the coming months. What makes your set unique and what can your UK fans expect from your live set?

"We try to make our sets a journey through a lot of different energy levels and emotions as well as into lots of genres. I think people come because they know some of our songs but they come back because our sets are always changing and we dig constantly for new music to put in."


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