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Ones To Watch 2020 | The Snuts

Scottish 4 piece The Snuts have rightfully made our ‘Ones To Watch’ list this year.

Selling out massive headline shows in their hometown and plenty of festival sets over the last few years, The Snuts are now ready to release their new EP ‘Mixtape EP’ and have been recording with some top producers, with their Edinburgh headline show selling out completely in only 6 seconds.

Find out what they had to say to us here:

Your brand new ‘Mixtape EP’ is released in March marking a new milestone for the band. What has the journey to get to this point been like for you creatively?

"On the EP we’ve worked closely with Inflo and Tony Hoffer to carve out a completely new dynamic to our sound. Some of the processes to get to the end goal have been pretty challenging but ultimately we’re more creative in ourselves than we’ve ever been before in the studio. We’ve been obsessed with bringing our sound into the present day."

You recorded out in LA with some top producers. Did the LA scenery impact on the sound and direction of these tracks compared to your home turf of Scotland?

"The songs are a reflection of us working with each producer respectively, with the record being captured in four sessions. LA and New York with Inflo and two in London with Tony. A big part of working with Tony and Flo, is that you’re in a room with genuine vibe connoisseurs. The surroundings always bleed into the writing process so we’ve been really lucky to do it between the UK and the US."

Your date at Edinburgh Corn Exchange sold out in an impressive 6 seconds. How do you prepare for a monumental show like this?

"Our style is to give it all on the stage. People spend hard earned money to support us and it’s on us to make each show special. On the night, all that matters is that show so it’s kinda just business as usual, but the nerves are always there. In a way it’s good to feel a bit of pressure around the live side of things, anything can happen on the stage but, if I’m honest (to us) the crowd are the most important aspect of any live show."

The show forms part of your recently announced UK tour. What can your fans expect from the new live show?

"Bigger beats and fresh sounds. We’re always moving forward and we want to take the fans on that journey with us."

What does the rest of 2020 have in store for you guys?

"Bigger beats and fresher sounds."


Find out more about The Snuts HERE


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