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Canadian startup One True God (OTG) delivers a moody electronic remake of Kanye's now-classic hit 'Love Lockdown' as his newest independent release.


This new track is a perfect representation of OTG's signature sound and style which centers on minimalistic yet dramatic sonic thematics with a twist of dark rhythm. The LA based singer and producer's soulful vocal serves as a powerful conduit for Kanye's original lyrics and fans can clearly hear the OTG has a personal attachment to the original song itself. The remake was a product of his relationship struggles he was facing at the time of working on it. While taking on such a well-known production as 'Love Lockdown' can be intimidating, OTG does so with sophistication and personal touch of darkness.

On his artist name, OTG says,

"People are much more in control of their lives and situations than they think they are. That's just an important message, I feel. And it resonates deeply with me. I think that dedicating a project to that belief was important."

One True God has been an active producer since 2018 but first appeared on the scene as a singer via 'Come To Me' on mau5trap, where he captivated listeners with his powerful vocal. Much of his sonic style is built on emotive, darker thematics such as the challenging parts of love and romance, paired with angsty bass elements and mid tempo melodies.

With releases like 'Love Lockdown', serving as a follow-up single to his earlier 'Tesla', 'Afterlife', and more on the horizon, we can't wait to see what's next for One True God.

'Love Lockdown' is out now, Listen HERE @onetruegod


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