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Ormiston | Time Fades

Canadian musician and indie-pop troubadour Ormiston releases his debut album 'Hammer Down', featuring focus track 'Time Fades'.

Consisting of eight songs, including the already released 'Step From The Limelight' and 'Rebel', 'Hammer Down' possessed a distinct concept reminiscent of the cinematic 'coming of age' genre. Through this theme, one that focuses on the growth of a protagonist from childhood to adulthood, Ormiston explores love stories and failed relationships in his distinctive upbeat indie-pop fashion.

Standing out as a huge anthem on the album, 'Time Fades' depicts an urgency for living; a burning desire to escape and explore. Led by a charging electronic beat, the track weaves through genre-binding production of nu-disco, indie-pop and indietronica. Stand out vocals are something that Ormiston does well, his unique tone soaring above the incredibly well-crafted track whilst dance-along beats and glistening synths set the perfect backdrop.

Born into a bilingual Montreal family, Ormiston was raised around female musicians and grew up with a strong sense of melody. After mixing and producing some tracks for Milk & Bone, Heartstreets, Misage and Freida Mari, he released in 2013 the song Typically Her (under the name Beverlay) that ended up being remixed by Kaytranada, helping it reach more than 3 million streams worldwide. In 2020, he signed with Canadian label Lisbon Lux Records.

'Hammer Down' is out now.


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