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Otto | Tell Me Something (I Don't Know)

UK-based artist Otto has released his first single, 'Tell Me Something', released via Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart's Bay Street Records.


The track, which started as a collaboration between Dave Stewart and Otto during a songwriting competition on the global social recording collaboration app, 'Trackd', blends elements of folk with gentle acoustics for mellow and easy listening. Featuring authentic lyricism, melodic guitar chords and a distinctive vocal performance, 'Tell Me Something' has the ability to captivate it's listeners from the first note.

Speaking about the song Otto said,

“The song is an apology letter to a friend, reminiscing upon some of the moments and words that were once shared between us. It opens up a conversation about what I could have done differently now that I'm looking back. I guess it's a song about growth, and taking stock of where I've been and where I'm going.”

Not letting the pandemic stop the creative process, Otto and Stewart recorded a music video between the old post office and the Nashville studio, inviting Eva Holbrook of American folk group SHEL for a cameo.

Dave Stewart handled production on the single, giving Otto's voice enough room to shine over glimmering instrumentation. The undeniably catchy hook band imagistic lyricism betrays influence of Otto's label boss, but the singer / songwriter infuses 'Tell Me Something' with a fond, personal nostalgia for the moments before a life changes.

Stewart handled production duties on the single, giving Otto’s voice enough room to shine over the glimmering instrumentation. The song’s undeniable hook and imagistic lyricism betrays the influence of Otto’s label boss, but the young singer-songwriter infuses 'Tell Me Something' with a fond, personal nostalgia for the moments before a life changes.

Otto recorded a version of this song directly onto his mobile phone in his bedroom, which happens to be the telegram room in an old converted post office in the Welsh valleys. 'Tell Me Something' was worked on over the internet on numerous Trackd and Zoom sessions with Stewart, whose songwriting and production expertise reveals itself throughout the brilliant paced and precisely performed track. The song was then developed further and mixed at Nashville’s iconic Blackbird Studios with Music City’s finest session players adding their flavours. Throughout the process, Otto surrounded himself with recording legends.

'Tell Me Something' is out now.


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