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PAPER FACE | Sweet Life

EDM duo PAPER FACE have released their second single 'Sweet Life'.


'Sweet Life' is an exceptionally good track - an upbeat, melodic, electro-pop smash with huge and funky EDM elements thrown in. It's lyrically and vocally on point, highly listenable, chart-worthy and an overall feel-good commercial track that will find you up and dancing along, with slick, high-standard and super polished sound.

As the pair explain about the track:

"Coming out of a toxic relationship can be tough, but freeing. It's easy to let go of the shitty moments with that person, but so hard to let go of the really good ones. It’s about leaving the sweet life you had with that toxic person behind and beginning the good life without them."

PAPER FACE is made up of two dudes that met each other by accident behind the turntables on a wedding , who won over the hearts of the guests by playing their favourite tunes. They released their debut single 'Only Love Together' to huge press acclaim.

Daniel grew up with a tech savvy father and built his first tracks with a Yamaha DX7 on Cubase 2.0 on an Atari ST. After listening to “Discovery” by Daft Punk, he knew what genre he wanted to belong to.

Aden was born in South Africa and grew up in New Zealand, Australia & Germany. He started dancing at the age of two and is a multi German and European champion in Hip Hop. No matter which continent he was on, dancing & singing was his safe space and the driving force behind his wish to make music. His parents inspired him to sing by playing their Sade, Bob Marley & Al Jarreau favourites. 

The multi Platinum & Gold award-winning songwriters are now ready to try and tackle the global music market with their unique mix of pop and dance music. 


Listen to 'Sweet Life' HERE Instagram: @wearepaperface


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