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Patrick Jean | Come Through

Swedish singer / songwriter and independent artist Patrik Jean has released his EP 'Consequences' featuring single 'Come Through'.


'Come Through' is a classy track with rich beats and soulful vocals flavoured with soft electro-pop beats. It has a stellar chorus which is indulgent and intricate, hooking you in from the first beat with a lush soundscape throughout. It's an honest and raw track disguised as a catchy pop song, melodic and fresh, whilst staying sophisticated and sensitive. Utterly delightful to listen to.

Patrik says on the track,

”Come Through is inspired by my process of coming out as gay. Today I’m in a good place, and I was supposed to go through a few hardships to come through to the other side.”

Spending most of 2020 finding news ways of working, Patrik pretty much hid away in a studio writing as much as possible, including tracks on the EP which was released November 6th, which started with 'Come Through' released October 23rd, co-written and produced by Herman Gardarfve.

With over 200 million streams, Patrik Jean is an experienced songwriter who has worked with artists such as James Arthur, Felix Jaehn and Topic, but keeping his most personal songs for himself, starting to release independently two years ago.

'Consequences' EP is out now.


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