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Vienna's Paul De Leon have released their brand new indie-pop delight entitled 'casually' on Bias Beach Records.

Music to dance alone to in your bedroom, warm your heart or get totally lost in 'casually' does it all. Channelling the best from the likes of The 1975 and LANY, Paul De Leon have crafted a wholesome and euphoric sound that can be enjoyed by all. With indie-driven instrumentation, cool guitar lines and steady drum beats, the track takes us on a journey through cinematic nostalgia with a mesmerising vocal performance and disco-inspired groove thrown in for good measure.

Paul says on writing the song:

"I remember having The 1975 on repeat and loving the eighties fuelled brand of indie that they’re known to deliver. One night after my office job I came home and messed around til I got the rhythm guitar groove that you hear in the song. I was single at the time and this song was a way for me to express how I felt about it. There’s a lot more of that kind of rumination in the rest of the EP."

Paul de Leon is a band of quiet outliers. The Vienna-based trio grew up in the city but their musical influences come from far beyond its Imperial palaces and famous museums. Their unique brand of indie-pop is infused with shades of everything from The 1975 to John Mayer, Sakanaction to Smashing Pumpkins. It's designed to unify crowds with big sing-alongs at huge festival stages, but also to capture those warm and fuzzy feelings of rose-tinted nostalgia you get from your favourite buddy movie. Underpinning the unashamedly big hooks and uplifting grooves is cutting-edge electronic production that always stands apart.

'casually' is out now. Listen HERE @pauldeleonmusic


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