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Pawl | Waiting for Your Love

Swedish artist, songwriter and producer Pawl has released his new single 'Waiting for Your Love'.


'Waiting for Your Love' is a really modern, feel-good dance jam featuring his contemporary vocals which have a soft tone, contrasting against the upbeat and powerful dance sound - but it works so well. The tune is really simple, but layered and energetic - Pawl has made a truly solid and polished track, perfect for summer, whether it be stuck indoors or on the dance floor at 3am.

Aside from producing the song, Pawl chooses to explore his vocal capability further and delivers 'Waiting For Your Love'. The song sets a new tone for what the future has in store for this artist.

”I wrote ’Waiting for your Love’ one night in February when I was in my studio. It started out by the piano when I was casually jamming. I came up with the melodies and lyrics, then quickly jumped into the whistle that turned out to shape the whole song. It’s funny because the song feels like a high pace driven deep house track, yet still has that soft hiphop flair that you can’t really point out. On a more personal level, I had gone through some things prior to the making of this and I feel like this was me putting my honest thoughts into words and production. I’m thrilled it’s finally coming out.”

Pawl has gained international recognition from the support of The Chainsmokers, playing at Weekend Festival and racking up over 30 million streams. His catalogue showcases a row of professional tracks including features from highly acclaimed artists. Pawl is now working on solo singles but will soon be announcing diverse collaborations for upcoming releases.


Listen to 'Waiting for Your Love' HERE Instagram: @iampawl


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