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Billboard-charting LA artist Peyton Shay has released her new angsty 2000s pop single 'Badder Than The Bad Boys'.


The music video, dripping in saturation, features a defiant Peyton as she revels in her opposition to the status quo.

Peyton says,

“The idea behind ‘Badder Than The Bad Boys’ started in high school. I grew up in a very proper and standardized town where everyone followed certain paths and expectations, even the ‘bad boys’ followed a norm. I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to be on top of the world and genuinely live life for myself. This song is about me speaking and thinking how I want, not how everyone else expects me to. I hope this song gives power to the listener and helps them discover their true self.”

Peyton Shay is a 19-year-old Billboard charting artist from Los Angeles, CA. She may be young, but her confident, strong-willed personality shows in both her music and her authentic connection with fans. After becoming one of the youngest female charting artists, ranking #18 in the US billboards and #7 in the UK charts, Peyton embarked on an international tour while also spending years in the recording studio working on her craft. Inspired by 2000s-era pop nostalgia and modern rock, her confident and unique records reflect the journey of young adulthood. As life comes with uncontrollable hardships, Peyton has always used music and song writing to connect with others and share her journey. Living life writing songs and making her own lane is where you'll find this up-and-coming artist.

'Badder Than The Bad Boys' is out now.


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