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Picture This I Unconditional

Picture This have recently released their beautiful new single 'Unconditional,' a truly special song about being madly and deeply in love.


Describing a pure love that has no conditions whatsoever, 'Unconditional' depicts what Picture This have become very well-known for - a beautiful track, captivating lyrics that encapsulate the meaning of true love and a beat that will stay in your head for days after!

You can watch the official lyric video for 'Unconditional' below:

So far already this year, Picture This - made up of Ryan Hennessy, Owen Cardiff, Jimmy Rainsford and Cliff Deane - have released several singles: 'Winona Ryder,' 'Troublemaker' and 'If I Build A Home On The Moon,' with each release representing a new sound and taken from their upcoming third studio album.

"Baby, I wish we could take this feeling

And put it away somewhere safe 'til we need it


I'm so afraid of losing your love."

In a recent interview, member Ryan Hennessy explained the meaning behind the single:

"'Unconditional' is a song about the intoxicating, exhilarating and all-consuming feeling of falling deeply in love with somebody. Sometimes in love and life you have an undeniable spark with somebody, then when it's reciprocated and explored, it can lead to the most magical and hallmark moments of your life. I wrote this song not only as an ode to that feeling and adventure, but also to the fear of ever losing it. 'I'm so afraid of losing your love' not because I think I'm going to, but because if I ever did, I don't know how I could fill the space it would leave behind. This song is about how much I love love."

The band's success continues to grow with each release. Picture This supported The Jonas Brothers earlier this year and have performed headline shows in countries all over the world. In March 2019, the band broke a record by selling out five consecutive evenings at Dublin's 3Arena. We're really looking forward to hearing the band's third studio album!


Listen to 'Unconditional' HERE Instagram: @picturethis


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