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Picture This | If I Build A Home On The Moon

Picture This have already given us 'Winona Ryder' and 'Troublemaker' so far this year, and they can now add their beautiful new single 'If I Build A Home On The Moon' to their ever-growing list of releases, partnered with a music video to accompany the single.

The four-piece first hinted at a new release with each member adding artwork affiliated with the single to their social media pages and built the anticipation for the release by sharing a short preview of the single on their official Facebook page.


'If I Build A Home On The Moon' is one of the most stripped-back tracks Picture This have released and exemplifies their raw talent in the most captivating way.

An acoustic sound embodies the track and this is also shown in the music video, which mainly depicts frontman Ryan Hennessy playing the guitar and bringing the emotional lyrics to life.

"Just promise me one thing,

When you look out your window at night, you'll send me a star to say 'hi and 'goodbye' and 'hello again.'

Just promise me one thing,

When you look up to me in the sky, you'll remember the days and the nights that we had, and we'll have again."

You can watch the official music video for 'If I Build A Home On The Moon' below:

Since Picture This burst onto the music scene five years ago, their success continues to accumulate over time. With two studio albums released, a record-breaking sold-out five-night stint at Dublin's 3Arena in 2019, headline shows in various countries around the world and countless single releases - including 'Take My Hand,' 'Let's Be Young' and 'One Drink' - their success is unstoppable. The band have dropped hints at a third album, which we can't wait for!


'If I Build A Home On The Moon' is out now and can be purchased on iTunes by clicking HERE.

The single can additionally be streamed on Spotify HERE.

Instagram: @picturethis

By Rachel Dempster


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