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PNK FME | Body Language

Adelaide’s PNK FME has released his latest single 'Body Language' and is quickly emerging a hot contender for South Australia’s music export market.


Credit: Zara Mutti

Travelling through PNK FME’s catalogue, there’s been a distinct evolution as the artist refines his sonic. His latest single ‘Body Language’ progresses that journey with visceral intent.

With an unsettled aura and cyclical composition, ‘Body Language’ reflects the notion of repetitive self-sabotage and insecurities.

'Body Language' is a chilled and mellow story, raw and stripped back at the start which builds but is always mellow and haunting. The track vulnerable, yet catchy with R&B synths alongside PNK FME's dark, mysterious and gritty vocal.

He says:

 “Body Language reeks of avoidance. here was a time in my life where I needed to undertake a process of growth, but I kept on self-sabotaging to evade development. I escaped into a realm of fantasy, pretending everything was okay. The reality is that the chaotic nature of running from problems never turns out well. ‘Body Language’ is a story of that avoidance and the gradual realisation that personal growth was required.”

Through moments of somber lyricism, inklings of self-realization slice through the twisted veil, revealing slivers of actuality. This juxtaposition between an impaired perspective and authentic reality is a demonstration of the daily battle with mental health that affects millions around the world.

PNK FME has a deep connection to his home state of South Austalia and it’s extensive creative culture, recently participating in a Music SA industry panel. With numerous nominations at the South Australian Music Awards and creative partnerships with the Art Gallery of South Australia, South Australian Tourism Commision, City of Adelaide, and the Adelaide Fashion Festival, PNK FME is a statutory figure in the local community.

He is now generating waves around the globe with over 2 million streams across platforms and has a body of work on the way. The rest of 2020 is set to be jam-packed with content and new music from this young talent.


Listen to 'Body Language' HERE

Instagram: @pnkfme


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