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Polo Club x Ace Rosewall | We'll Be Cool

'We'll Be Cool' is the euphoric debut single from brand new artist project Polo Club, featuring Ace Rosewall.


Featuring 80's tinged synths and shimmering with nostalgia, 'We'll Be Cool' is the soundtrack to late night drives or 3am on the dance floor. Written in the early period of Covid quarantine, at a time where the world was totally flipped upside down for artists, the track is dreamy with a lush soundscape, intricate production and captivating vocals. Luscious dance pop at its finest.

"On this record, I'm taking the listener on a journey through the city in the night with buildings poured in neon lights."

'Polo Club' is the artist moniker of Martin Kristensen, who is driven by memories from his childhood, growing up in the suburbs of Denmark. He is inspired by 80's classic movies, gas stations illuminated in neon lights on Route 66 and everything in between, whilst delivering the innocent romance and nostalgia from the late 20th century.

'We'll Be Cool' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @thisispoloclub


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