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Summer isn’t over yet and pop-rock band Poolhouse is soaking up every second. While it may not be your typical summer love anthem, their new hit 'Sour' presents a rhythmic glimpse into reality because after all…not every summer fling is meant to last.


When summer love turns sour, this dynamic quartet drives the conversation with bright guitars and driving bass lines fit for mainstream radio waves. A perfect blend of old and new, 'Sour' Taps into vibes reminiscent of a 2005 era warped tour while keeping the approach modern and fresh. Upbeat and energetic, the single presents a perfect mid-summer vibe for lovers of pop, alternative and indie rock.

From Provo, UT, Poolhouse is stirring things up out west by tapping into musical influences like Coin, The 1975 and Radiohead. Bandmates Jonny, Jake, Jackson and Lucas are leading the way toward their debut EP release, one undeniable bop at a time.The band thrives in a LIVE setting; playing more than 80 shows in Utah and surrounding states, including Forkfest 2022, while regularly selling out shows at the iconic venues of Velour and Kilby Court among other regional hot spots.

Currently, the band has already booked 150+ shows well into 2023. From small towns to big breaks, this is hands down the band that you want to keep your eye on this year and 'Sour' certainly does not disappoint.

'Sour' is out now.


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