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Rancid Eddie | Champagne

Fast-rising Melbourne based indie rock quintet Rancid Eddie have put out their newest single 'Champagne'.


The first single release from their debut EP, the band have started how they mean to go on. 'Champagne' is indie-rock goodness, starting out with mellow but captivating vocals, it quickly builds with a layered arrangement of groovy basslines, plucky guitars and groovy drum beats with a instrumental break to die for and an ear worm chorus.

The sing-along, effortlessly good anthem merges elements from both surf-rock and classic indie and offers something distinctly unique and relatable in today's industry with a rip-roaring vocal performance thrown in for good measure. As the band boast their never ending upward trajectory - they are sure to be one of Australia's finest.

“The past 6 months for us as Rancid Eddie have been absolutely insane. We've made some really great steps as a band and developed a following we never even thought possible. Fully convinced we were absolute dumb c*** w*****s as a band for posting on tiktok, it’s been a real magic carpet. We've taken some of our ‘Rancid Tiktoks greatest hits’ to studio and they're sounding fire as f**k.

“We had an insane first gig back after a year of covid lockdowns - the crowd was absolutely insane and we were rusty as f**k, which was just a pleasure all round to say the least. Just as we thought we were pretty much all booked in for shows through the rest of the year, I sit here writing this in our 4th dose of lockdown, splendid s**t this is eh!?

“We're all keen as tits to see what the rest of this year holds in store for us, and thank the bloody lot of ya for the support so far.”

After blowing up on TikTok with their original tracks, Rancid Eddie have seen a tremendous growth on socials, with their debut EP due for release in November.

The story of Rancid Eddie's formation is as gritty as it is pure - amidst a pile of crushed up beer cans and cigarette ashes, a band of 5 friends from Melbourne was born. Composed of Jessy and Matt on lead vocals / guitar, Ash on bass, Andy on drums, and namesake Eddit O'Brien on keys, the group started as their high school days ended - feeling that music was the only thing that would keep them together.

'Champagne' is out now.

Listen HERE


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