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Rebecka Reinhard | A Pick

Swedish dream-pop artist Rebecka Reinhard has released her single 'A Pick' which is featured on her highly anticipated EP 'Whale' out now.


The indie inspired track is ladened with edgy guitar, synth-pop sounds and cool drum beats. Rebecka's vocal is rich and the sound is unique and oozes a funky vibe with a 90's feel. It's super easy to listen to, whether you're stuck inside or on a summer roadtrip with your mates.

Speaking about the meaning behind ‘A Pick’, she said,

"So I found this pick. A guitar pick. It was lying on the ground, face down and I obviously went to pick it up and when I flipped it over it had my ex’s name on it, in big black letters, just staring at me like a bad joke. I was still kind of in the process of getting over this person but instead of throwing the pick away I pocketed it and went home and wrote a song about it. Being a true Pisces, shredding the pick until it was all worn down and the name had started fading, I felt like that was the most vengeance I would get. And I felt pretty ok with that. A Pick encapsulates that feeling I often get of not getting things done the right way or being able to make sense of an overwhelming reality but faking it the best I can, hoping no one will notice."

The EP was recorded between London and the Swedish countryside after a period of musical and personal discovery. Having left Stockholm, Rebecka lived in Paris before relocating to London back in 2014 where she had her musical trajectory solidified and began to record with producer Anders Källmark in 2018.


Listen to the EP HERE Instagram: @rebeckareinhard


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