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REBENN x Troy Ogletree | catch myself

Songwriter and producer REBENN has teamed up with indie-pop artist Troy Ogletree for new single 'catch myself'.


Lyrically based on the struggle of loss and failure, but in the end knowing you always have to embrace your fall, 'catch myself' is a lush, cinematic masterpiece which bursts with a nostalgia and is sure to be the soundtrack to both your night drives or sitting alone in your room. It's the track we all need in these turbulent times, knowing that one day we'll bounce back and things will get to normal eventually. With both impressive production and vocals, 'catch myself' is an accomplished and stunning collaboration for both artists.

On the track, REBENN says,

"I produced and wrote majority of the topline melody but I wanted to find a vocalist who can write superb lyrics that touches our heart. So I reached out to Troy and we worked on the song together which was a fun international collab, overcoming 17 hour difference time zone."

Born in South Korea, REBENN's debut single 'Ghost in my Mind' was very well accepted, hitting over a million streams on youtube with help from enthusiastic creators and tastemakers. He continues to practice his production and songwriting as he pulls together a wide range of influences to create fresh but accessible pop music which manages to be both timeless and surprising.

Troy Ogletree is an independent L.A. based artist and songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. His unique sound is derived from inspiration across multiple genres, but still landing in the pop-centric world. He's written for artists such as EBEN, Valley, Micah Iverson and many more. We're sure this is only the start for these talented artists.

'catch myself' is out now.


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