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Reed Deeming | Overthinking

Singer, songwriter and producer Reed Deeming has released his single 'Overthinking'.


Written, produced and mixed by Reed himself, 'Overthinking' features a gorgeous acoustic sound, with slick production which gives the track a more upbeat, urban-pop feel. It's melodic and polished, current and highly listenable, with all the elements of a chart topping track. Reed's vocal is soft and rich with every lyric sang heartfelt and believable.

He says on the track,

"'Overthinking" is a reflection on a night I spent with someone I really liked, micro-analyzing each moment, trying to figure out if and when I blew it. Uncertainty and rejection are fears we all share, and it’s easy to be consumed by what-if’s; to be lost in our own heads, overthinking."

Reed found fame at the age of just 13 on The X Factor USA, securing a spot amongst the top 24 contestants. After a whirlwind of touring in 2015-16, he stepped away from the social media universe to reassess, and returned with his EP 'Follow Me To Freedom' in 2018 and released music through 2019.

This personally turbulent 3-year period resulted in a further desire to remain totally transparent and intentional in his music.


Listen to 'Overthinking' HERE Instagram: @reeddeeming


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