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Release Radar | 002

Welcome back to Release Radar, where alongside our monthly favourites playlist, we let you know our favourite releases of the last week.


First up is The Hara with their new single Circus - a soaring rock anthem that bursts out of the blocks with a classic metal guitar solo. What follows is The Hara at their best – an ambitious, gritty rock banger with their best chorus to date.

The Hara are a band that have ground and finessed their live sound through their use of pads, triggers and stems to quench their thirst for rock stardom. They launched with a YouTube music video ‘Only Young’ in September 2017 which quickly amassed over 220K views and increased their ever-growing number of passionate fans.

In March this year the band released their latest EP ‘We Are The Movement’ and were due to go on a huge 20-date UK tour including a sold-out show at The Garage in London just as the current pandemic hit and had a packed summer ahead with multiple festivals including Download and Reading & Leeds.

Instagram: @theharaband


Next is David Archuleta who released his brand new album 'Therapy Sessions' last week. Our favourite track is 'Patient'.

David says on the album:

"Music has always been healing for me. My mission with it is to heal, and then encourage to move forward after the healing takes place. I want people to find answers to their worries and doubts as they listen to Therapy Sessions, more than ever during this difficult time.”

David Archuleta became a star at the age of 16 in 2008 - when 30 million TV viewers voted 44 million times to make him runner up of Season 7 of American Idol. Soon after, his debut single 'Crush' debuted at No. 2 on The Billboard Hot 100 Chart and 3 months later his self-titled album went gold selling 900,000 copies worldwide.

Listen to 'Patient' and the full album HERE.

Instagram: @davidarchie


Jonny Glenn released his new single this week. Don't Wanna Let You Down is a message for a key time during mental health awareness month. As someone who's drawn to being in the public, Jonny wanted to write a love note to himself, reminding himself why he pursues his dreams and how he can face the different versions of himself as he climbs the ladder of success.

Jonny Glenn is music’s newest pop-rock showman sent straight from the stars. Born from a cosmic fusion of John Lennon’s lyrical genius & astronaut John Glenn’s intrepid bravery for mankind, Jonny Glenn’s mission is to send us Earthlings on a psychedelic journey to reach new horizons with cosmic stage theatrics. Growing up, music provided Jonny the escape to another world; one where anything seemed possible and after graduating high school he began to play live shows and build a local fanbase. Now with over 100 shows under his belt across Boston, Charleston, & Los Angeles. Jonny’s recent releases, including Sail Away, All Fall Down, Wasted, and most recently, Woah ft. Ally Hills, have amassed him over 2M streams and over 30,000 monthly listeners. 

Listen to the track HERE.

Instagram: @jonny_glenn


Klipr is back with a whopping 6 track EP, aptly named ‘Lockdown’ this EP explores the realms of House music and really shows off Klipr’s creative flair. Our favourite is 'Johnny Relax', although every single song offers something fresh, each with intricate melodies and downright infectious grooves.

The New Delhi based artist makes music that captures the energy and excitement you would expect to feel at a festival (which is definitely something the world needs right now). Klipr has used both his international and domestic experiences of the electronic music scene as a flagstone in his productions and uses his knowledge to transcend into a variety of genres.

Klipr’s love for the music scene has inspired him to create music that will help fellow dance music lovers like him to dance during this difficult time.

Listen to The Lockdown EP HERE.

Instagram: @kliprmusic


May 22nd marked the release of 'The Night I Met You' which was produced by Sony/BMG producer, Austin Shawn and has already received the attention reserved for the bigger names. The song glows with nostalgia, featuring bouncy, retro-pop synths and chill enigmatic vocals and is well poised to become an official anthem of summer 2020.

Nashville based singer-songwriter, Brandon Calano, writes and performs under the pseudonym Becoming Young, a name that symbolizes our collective journey to let go of the emotional walls, insecurities and self-imposed rules that keep us from fully living. Its a rallying call of reclamation, a dare to dive in headfirst and find wonder through it all - joy & pain, life & death triumph and defeat.

Becoming Young’s sound spans fizzy Ed Sheeran pop to the dark grandeur of Dermot Kennedy and Glen Hansard. The music is refreshingly restless and its narratives capture wonderfully blurred snapshots of self-realization and love.

Listen to 'The Night I Met You' HERE.

Instagram: @becomingyoung


A May 21st release marked the release of the video for 'Cheesin'. Created by The Valdez, the video for “Cheesin’” brings Cautious Clay, Remi Wolf, Still Woozy, Sophie Meyers, Claud and Melanie Faye all back together for their take on the “Zoom-lifestyle” we’ve all grown accustomed to during this quarantine. In the video, throwback filters and hand-drawn graphics add nostalgic warmth to the digital party as everyone dances along - apart, but together.

The 'Cheesin' video shows the artists collaborating remotely to benefit fellow artists and the entire music community affected during this time with 100% of net profits from each stream and download donated to benefit MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

'Cheesin' has already amassed nearly 3 million Spotify streams since it's late April release and entered the Viral Top 50 Chart, and received critical praise from the likes of Zane Lowe, Billboard & MTV as well as widespread support from Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and more and placement on various playlists.

Listen to 'Cheesin' HERE

MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund #CHEESIN4CHARITY initiative at


Dublin born producer/singer/songwriter Christian Cohle gifts us with his newest single 'Ghost' this week, the second release from his forthcoming Holy Trouble album, due out later this year. 

Cohle first began writing songs when he was a teenager. After that initial discovery, music became a means of therapy and after gaining some real life experience in recording studios, Cohle began taking an interest in having creative control in both the recording and mixing process leading him to begin producing himself. This was the catalyst for this new self-produced album.

Listen to 'Ghost' HERE.

Instagram: @christiancohle

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