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Release Radar | 007

Welcome back to Release Radar, where we compile our favourite releases from the week alongside our monthly favourites playlist!

Another set of fabulous releases this week, here's what we've found...


Pop singer/songwriter Gillian released 'Static', the second single from her forthcoming debut album, '3AM' - a bittersweet pop number that chronicles Gillian's inner-dialogue ahead of a night out.

“I actually wrote ‘Static’ minutes before leaving my house to go out with my friends… I didn't want to go, but I also didn't want to miss out,”

Gillian writes of the relatable concept behind the track. Balancing melancholic, piano-driven verses with synth-soaked pop choruses, 'Static' arrives as a track that is lyrically and musically in sync. 

Independently, Gillian has garnered nearly half a million streams and her debut album will be released later this year.

“I strive for authenticity. Everything comes directly from me. My art is really who I am. Every word is true. You’re getting me through my writing.”

Inspired by her older brother, she picked up piano at just four-years-old, penning her first composition only a year later. With her dad keeping a guitar around the house, she grabbed it at the age of twelve and taught herself how to play. Under the influence of everyone from Taylor Swift to Ella Mai, she dove into assembling what would become her independent debut EP, Unfiltered back in 2019.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @gillian_music


Singer / songwriter, Haley Gold, wrote 'Butterflies' -an up-tempo & fun beat about the total opposite of finding love (which is not having it at all).

The catchy song is based off of her own experience with dating after a recent break up.

Haley is a 22 year old artist & songwriter from a small town in New York who has grown up through high school and college, with experiences & memories, to share with fans through her written music. Formerly managed by Boyz II Men, Shawn Stockman in girl group DAME, Haley is ready to release her pop tracks to her fans

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @haleygoldd


Andrew Vass has released 'Let Go' - a reminiscent song looking back on a past relationship and what could have been. The lyrics are more on the emotional side but the uptempo beat and uplifting melodies make it easy to move and dance along to.

Andrew Vass is a singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @andyvass1991


'I Remember' is the debut single from REST ACRES, the solo musical project of Toronto-based drummer/producer/songwriter Joel Cassady.

Joel is best known for his work as a member of Canadian Pop mainstay Walk Off the Earth, a group that he's been a member of for nearly 10 years. The track features the vocals of fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Kate Carswell, who co-wrote the song withJoel. Drawing inspiration from modern electronic luminaries like Flume, ODESZA, Louis the Child, Big Wild and Jai Wolf, REST ACRES will see Cassady working with a host of guest vocalists and pulling from the diverse array of musical influences that have helped shape his journey as an artist. This is earthy, eclectic electronic music that will engage your mind, body and soul.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @restacres


Arizona artist Saiah is back with 'HEART(BREAK)' the follow up to single 'Polaroid' (with guardin).

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Saiah moved to Arizona with his family during high school. Finding his confidence and his voice through his art, Saiah released his official debut EP, 'Loverboyraceway: Lostboy' at just 20 years old.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @iloveyousai


Arkansas native Yaielle Golden returns with the upbeat, summer single 'Cariño'.

17 year-old Yaielle Golden is an upcoming vocalist, producer, and songwriter, aspiring to be one of music’s most influential treasures. Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, she was inspired to fulfill a career in music at the age of 4. She independently released her debut album, 'Sincerely, Yaielle' in January of 2019 at just 15 years old.

Listen to the track HERE


'After Party' is the melodic new single from alt/pop duo The Habits and features a colorful music video with the band decked out in classic 90s threads.

The Habits met each other in the blue-collar town of San Pedro, just far enough away from the glamour of the Hollywood glow to be isolated. Comprised of singer/guitarist Wolf Bradley and drummer Andrew Macatrao, The Habits ground their music into bite-size melodies that are impossible to get out of your head and is accompanied by slightly melancholic lyrics that tell a story of love, loss, and everything in between. 

Their alt/pop sound is unique to them but stems from incongruous avenues of inspiration. The Habits’ music makes you wanna dance and hits you hard in the feels. The duo has grown up together in Southern California and are more like brothers than band members. Playing pretty much every bar, club, basement, and alleyway in LA, they’ve honed in on their live show skills, giving their audience a lively and fun show experience.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @habitstheband


'Paradise' is an international collaboration between Japanese dance producer, JapaRoLL and U.K. based rock vocalist Renny Carroll - cresting something quite beautifully unique for both of them.

UK Singer/Songwriter, Renny Carroll, has appeared on a number of different genres over the years and is most known for his work touring the world in Hard Rock/Metal band, Forever Never.

His distinctive powerful yet diverse voice has more recently embraced R&B, Drum & Bass, Trance, EDM, House, Soul and straight up Pop songs.

Listen to the track HERE


Swedish singer / songwriter Gabby Wilson has released her bittersweet sparkling pop debut 'Hug It Out'.

Nourished by the colours which dance in the spaces between hooks and highs, “Hug it Out” is a billowing soap bubble ofindie-pop. Gabby Wilson’s instinct for music you can’t get out of your head gives the best rush since Dagny, but with all the vocal punch of Gwen Stefani and Sia.

Gabby Wilson’s music is not just sonic, but sensory. Her style is a canvas spattered with a thousand influences – it looks as striking as it sounds. She had a sweet tooth from the start for 90s pop, yet sought the finer feelings of soul and the confessional weight that grunge could bring to the table.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @gabbywilson


‘Into me’ is Ed Staal’s true introduction of himself to the world. A funky, poppy and overall flirtatious song with a wide array of instruments both electronic and synthesized. This song describes his desire for a girl who he’s certain he would make feel happy.

Ed Staal is the freshest face on Polarface’s growing and ambitious roster. After having his songs

played on BBC introducing throughout the summer, Ed felt ready to take a step into the music

industry as a Pop artist. Ed’s ambition and natural songwriting ability, often about relationships and other life events, drove him to learn how to produce his own unique pop sound. Eventually leading him to discover that his lifelong hobby could be so much more...

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @ed__staal


18 year old artist Casey Shirin has released her debut single 'Cant Hold On' which releases a first sneak peak of such a special symbiosis into the wide world between anywhere and the beautiful coasts of her very own New Zealand.

The song is produced by Quarterhead who worked for and with artists like Zak Abel, Benjamin Ingrosso, The Black Eyed Peas and more.

Her roots are still in New Zealand while she is growing up in a small town, far away from her beloved endless coasts on another continent. Only the future seems to know where she really belongs.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @casey.shirin


After taking a hiatus from a decade of non-stop touring, Peter Katz returns with material from his highly anticipated new album, 'City of Our Lives'.

The forthcoming LP’s latest single, 'I Will Never Leave You' is about not abandoning or giving up on yourself. Penned in Los Angeles with Grammy-award winning musician Rich Jacques, rhythmic parts and catchy hooks build off of a dark, repetitive beat. 

Not to suggest that everyone needs to fall off a cliff to discover a renewed direction in life and art, but, as it turns out, it did work for Peter Katz. It’s a drastic measure, for sure, but it definitely puts things in perspective.

Peter Katz fell off a cliff on the long, twisted and not a little bit painful road to making his startling new album. He dropped about 100 feet in three seconds, beat the odds by both surviving and avoiding paralysis and, after spending six months in bed being confronted with “worse and worse news” every time a doctor entered the room and being assured he was unlikely ever to walk – let alone perform and/or tour – again, subsequently also found himself in the midst of bidding farewell to his house and the onetime love of his life and descending through several further stages of a textbook existential crisis.

Impossibly enough, it’s all turned out alright. The results speak for themselves. City of Our Lives is the most daring and devastatingly honest addition yet to an impressive discography dating back to 2004’s unvarnished DIY debut, The One Minute Mile Man. 'City of Our Lives' is the Peter Katz record where Peter Katz comes into his own, the Peter Katz record that elevates him from one of those sturdy Canadian singer/songwriter types forever crowding the edge of the radar to the Peter Katz who makes you wonder why you haven’t been paying more attention to Peter Katz all along.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @peterkatzmusic

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