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Release Radar | 008

Welcome back to Release Radar, where we compile our favourite releases from the week alongside our monthly favourites playlist!

Another set of fabulous releases this week, here's what we've found...


First up this week is Tom Skinner has released his new track with Jennie Marie entitled 'Comfort'. The track was self produced in lockdown and features gorgeous vocals that blend seamlessly with eachother. 'Comfort' is about seeking comfort and safety in the arms of another.

British indie singer/songwriter, Tom Skinner, started his career in Falmouth, writing music influenced by the local climate and music scene. His influences include Vance Joy, Gabrielle Aplin and Conan Gray. Tom Skinner writes catchy, pop-driven music, incorporating themes such as love and relationships, intertwined between his harmonic lines and catchy melodic phrases. Tom Skinner's first single 'Lungs' (feat Jennie Marie and D13) introduces darker themes surrounding love and relationships, taking an untraditional approach to catchy pop music.

Listen to 'Comfort' HERE


Next is Moli with her new track 'Disconnected'. Written half in French and half in English, 'Disconnected' is a pop song inspired by the music of the 80's with a disco flare.

On the base of happy and cheerful instrumentation composed of electronic basses and rhythms, the track is about the difficult phases someone can experience when feeling low, empty or coming to terms with an emotional moment in time. 

Moli invites us to apprehend every moment of doubt and sorrow as empowering inputs of our lives. A lighthearted message delivered with the persuasive and instantly recognisable voice of Moli - what does not kill us makes us stronger.

The video, co-directed by Moli, is a weird and wonderful tale of different worlds colliding within the walls of a classic art nouveau hotel based in Berlin. Moli and an exciting cast of performers (including LGBTQIA+ activists Jan Paaul & Nixxon, plus-size model and actress Mareike Flügge, and dancer, model and singer Lie Ning) are all connected in a series of events. But something seems a little off...

After the release of her debut solo single 'Didn't Mean To' in 2018, it was clear that Moli was on the right path. Her debut EP 'Résumé', released on Majestic Casual later that year, only continued to push the then 19-year-old further into the spotlight.

By the start of 2019, Moli showed no signs of slowing down and independently released 'Nowhere" and 'Lonely Nights”. A few months later, she decided to take her chances and took to London where she met producer Chris Zane, who is known for his work with Passion Pit, Friendly Fires, Bat for Lashes and Chloe Howl. With the two forming a natural musical bond, combined with Moli’s admiration of the glamorous aesthetics of the 80s and the icons of French cinema of the 70s, her writing evolved and paved the way for a fresh body of work: 'Talking In Emotions', 'On the Weekend' and 'Something I Said'.

Freshly signed to Embassy of Music in Berlin, Moli is now preparing the release of her second EP, of which 'Disconnected' is the first single. A release that reflects the personal and artistic transformation of an artist on the verge of exploding on the international pop scene. Displaying a high level of maturity at only 21 years old, Moli is confident that she is about to deliver an intimate, personal and engaging EP. 

Listen to 'Disconnected' HERE Instagram: @whoismoli


Next up is Swedish genre binding duo Slide with thier new single 'Keep Shining'.

Following on from the release of their previously shared delights 'Hello Spirit' and 'Waiting', Slide now continue to support their forthcoming EP 'Things I Tell Myself' with opening track 'Keep Shining' which is the third release to be lifted from the sophomore EP, set to arrive July 31st.

Much like their work to date, this new offering brings back more of that multifaceted and dynamic sound they have always looked to produce. With a warm and sweeping production layered within a rich and textured atmosphere, their newest cut makes for the perfect introduction to their upcoming collection.

The band said:

“We felt like young people nowadays, including us, spend a lot of time worrying about the future and growing up and making money and stuff like that. And we don't really have the answers either so we’re pretty much just singing to ourselves saying “keep going it’ll all make sense at some point’.”

Last year, Albin and Simon introduced themselves with the accomplished debut EP, ‘Into Happiness’, a charming collection of grunge-infused anthems. The release not only racked up Spotify streams and earned substantial airplay, but established Slide as one of their generation’s more interesting bands – giving a modern twist and a new perspective to the classic genre.

With their upcoming release of ‘Things I Tell Myself’ EP, they’ve decided to rip it up and start again. It doesn’t just exceed expectations but defies their own past – embracing that rebellious punk spirit to coalesce new sounds and daring soundscapes: you’re more likely to find swaggering hip-hop beats, pop sensibilities and an unparalleled attitude than your standard rock fare. The tunes are all the better for it.

Recorded in their bedrooms, the pair produced and recorded the songs with no outside help, overcoming some of the early frustrations they had with the music industry at large.

Listen to 'Keep Shining' HERE

Instagram: @thisisslide


LA-based R&B artist Steven Christopher shares his new single 'Don’t Feel Like Dancing' with an accompanying video. This is the first release from his debut EP, coming at the end of this summer, and follows the release of 'In My Head' that has amassed close to 105K streams. 100% of the proceeds of the song will be donated to Black Lives Matter for one year.

In the video, fans can see Steven expressing the rage and frustration captured in the song by taking a hammer to a variety of objects. Through the destruction of these objects, Steven demonstrates the greatness that can come from tearing things down and starting over. The video set on a DTLA rooftop was directed by Steven, and produced by Farai Mhundwai and LA-based film community We Make Movies.

'Don’t Feel Like Dancing' was written and produced by Steven. The pop-punk influenced track gives the finger to those who have mistreated Steven in the past. 

Listen to 'Don't Feel Like Dancing' HERE

Instagram: @stevenchristopher BAKER GRACE FT. CAUTIOUS CLAY

NYC rising pop force Baker Grace has hooked up Cautious Clay on stunning new offering 'Up All Night'. A dreamy left-pop offering showcasing the honeyed vocals of Baker Grace over production from Clay, the track is an intriguing glimpse into Baker Grace's upcoming EP.

With her 2019 debut EP 'Girl, I Know', Baker Grace emerged as an artist of understated yet undeniable confidence. Having earned lavish acclaim for her boundary-warping breed of pop, she has only deepened that sense of self-possession over the past year, creating her own charmed reality far apart from the masses.

Listen to 'Up All Night' HERE


Calabasas-raised songwriter and vocalist Baby Jane offers up an enticing glimpse into her foreboding, industrial-pop sound on 'NO SLEEP'. Written by Baby Jane and co-produced with John Flynn, the fresh single explores heartless sensuality through a feminine take on male bravado and sets the stage for her forthcoming debut 'A CRY 4 HELP' mixtape.

Baby Jane spent her formative years as a high-school dropout with no plan B, instead focused on crashing celebrity parties and scheming her way into recording studios. Her stage name comes from the 1962 filmWhatever Happened to Baby Jane? and her work finds inspiration across mediums, sitting somewhere between the cinematic rebelliousness of Natural Born Killers, the neon pulse of Miami, and the unapologetic femininity of Courtney Love. In its entirety, her unique blend of aesthetics conjures up the image of a daring alter-ego existing within a dark fantasy world. 

Listen to 'NO SLEEP' HERE

Instagram: @juicybabyjane


Hot off the back of his debut 'Feel This Good', which continues to light up worldwide - Goldbrg returns with his next anticipated release.

Entitled 'How To Dance', the track features much of his increasingly trademark sound - with its infectious groove & catchy vocal hook, as Goldbrg once again delivers a cut with the hallmarks of a future sure-fire player.

Building on the success of both 'Feel This Good' & his quarantine (Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens) DJ sets, that continue to attract large audiences - Goldbrg's amassing a loyal & ever engaging online fan base.

Listen to 'How To Dance' HERE

Instagram: @goldbrgmusic


Last but certainly not least this week is a collaboration from Mannis and Casper Merci, entitled 'Attitude'.

Self-produced pop artist Mannis brings a fresh perspective to current pop and hip-hop styles. Influenced by Blackbear and Iann Dior as much as Christian French and Jake Miller, Mannis has formulated his signature sound based upon hip-hop drums and reverberating pop melodies.

Mannis gears up to release his upcoming debut EP, 'Echoes', with the reveal of two debut singles. 'Don't It Hurt' and 'L.A.' are both part of what we can only imagine to be a revelatory and heartfelt collection of six tracks detailing his life experiences when it comes to love.

Listen to 'Attitude' HERE

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