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Release Radar | 009

Welcome back to Release Radar, where we compile our favourite releases from the week alongside our monthly favourites playlist!

Another set of fabulous releases this week, here's what we've found...


First up is Ohio-based indie pop band Multimagic, who have released their new track 'Believe It'. The track is about losing relationships and feeling like you're not where you want to be but believing you can still get there.

Multimagic were founded by songwriter Coran Stetter. The band caught an early break when a demo of 'Let Go' gained traction.

In early 2017, Stetter suffered from a misdiagnosis and was overprescribed prednisone and codeine, which led to a period that the young songwriter describes as a "manic daze" that changed his life. During his recovery, many of Stetter's friends and former bandmates had left him to fend for himself, so he spent the next year rebuilding relationships and fostering new ones. Multimagic now comprises guitarist James Ruehlman, drummer Evan Brown, keyboardist Meg Kecskes and bassist Anthony Maley.

Reconnecting with music was an important part of Stetter's recovery and his bout with mental illness and search for redemption became themes of the band’s debut Manic Daze LP out 4th September via Soul Step Records.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @multimagic



American indie pop singer / songwriter Jillian Steele also released her new track 'Home With Me' this week. The track was written in Nashville with Claire Carruthers and Drew Schueler and is about a relationship that you can never fully make work but never fully give up either.

Jillian Steele is from New York currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Having formed an early love for performing, the songstress initially started her career singing and acting in commercials, but not long after made the decision to move to Nashville and study at the renowned Belmont University.

Her time there further ignited her passion for songwriting and the born storyteller has since been creating honest and infectious indie pop resonating with listeners across the globe.

Listen to the track HERE


Louis Jarto has released his new single. With clever production and a synergy between the rough around the edges, analogue energy of the bass and the artifice of the synths, 'Good to You' is a emotional riot with festival attitude.

It is just as easy to imagine it in a nightclub as in a stadium, yet it always maintains it’s spark of originality, humanising electronic music with the warmth and punch of the slap bass and syncopated guitar, whilst modernising funk with synths and cutting edge production.

Louis Jarto was raised in Freetown Christiania. Copenhagen’s hippie self-declared autonomous nation. As he came to terms with his unique upbringing and found his place in the world, Louis Jarto turned his uniqueness into a strength.

Within the music industry, he has worked as a producer and songwriter for his own indie label where he developed and released a number of artists in both Scandinavia, UK and US as well as signing a publishing deal with GL Music, working with Sony Music and Copenhagen Records. 

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @louisjarto


Anna Pena released her new single 'Smoke & Mirrors'.

"The track is about a past love who wasn’t who I thought they were. They were deceiving and the relationship was toxic. The song talks about this person and the relationship in metaphors of a magician/magic show."

Anna Pena can be described as mysterious, artistic, dark and edgy pop princess. Mostly creating alternative pop in the studio, Anna tests the limits incorporating unusual genres and contrasting musical styles together. From pop, rock, to even musical theatre, all styles are welcome in Anna's repertoire.

Growing up in professional musical theatre at a young age, Anna remains true to her roots, inspired by theatrical content and incorporating that into her shows and artistry. Drawn to dark subject matter and theatrical performers, Anna's musical inspirations include artists such as Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Queen, and Melanie Martinez. 

From performing on stages from the age of 4 years old to performing for Howie, Mel, Heidi & Howard on America's Got Talent, Anna constantly shares her art at numerous venues in Dallas/Fort Worth. In her upcoming EP, you will experience the highs and lows of love and loathing.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @domandjesse


Carda returns with his latest effort, ‘Need You Now’, featuring Keeks. Framed as a warm-hearted love letter, the chorus lyrics best describe the tone of the song: “If you opened your eyes then you’d already know, I’m feeling alone and I need you now”.

Mixed by Mitch McCarthy and mastered by Chris Gehringer, ‘Need You Now’ is the combination of delicate songwriting with detailed pop-dance production.

At the age of 24-years-old, songwriter and producer Carda (Adrian Cardamone) has achieved what most would hope for in a lifetime. His previous release ‘Wasted’ (featuring Emily Falvey) was his biggest to date, racking up over 2 million streams across all platforms and peaking at #1 on Apple Music’s Breaking Pop playlist in three countries. ‘

Infusing uplifting EDM-inspired production with melodic pop vocals Carda’s project captures a unique “wind down the windows” summer dance-pop sound that is instantly recognisable.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Carda sparked a passion for songwriting at an early age. Training in both piano and voice as a child has enabled him to develop a unique appreciation of the creative process, with his love for contemporary lyrics and melody allowing him to express his personality through the melodically-driven style that guides his productions.

With exciting projects in the works, enjoy Carda’s new expression of electronic, pop and dance music.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @cardamusic


Pop producer trio, Midnite Society bring you their latest single 'Back In Time'. The track was written during the beginning of quarantine while binge watching all of the Harry Potter Movies. The lyrics and passion of the pre-chorus come from the idea that if you could go back in time and see your past, you would see the fire that started you lifes passion.

"The chorus "It was that little spark in the pit of your heart, it made you laugh so hard that you could barely talk, its like that one true love that you can never give up, you'd do anything to keep your eyes set on" is for that love, in our case the love of music and chasing our dream of being very successful with it."

These three best friends from New Jersey aspire to be the DJ/Producer communities next great “Super Group”. Inspired to connect on a deeper level with listeners, the group’s main focus is to evoke emotion and a resonating feeling with every song created.

Growing up together, each member explored different paths sonically from indie funk production to EDM and pure pop. With their most notable asset being brothers as close as family, Midnite Society represent the partyers, the misfits, lovers, lost, and forgotten; a community of equality, motivated to unite music lovers with the best of passion.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @midnite.society


Dom & Jesse released their brand new single 'Can’t Help Myself'. Floating seamlessly in and out of falsetto on the upbeat track, the guys tell a story about women that are magnetic and will definitely pull you in no matter the circumstances.

During these times, it’s a sentiment that many can identify with after self-isolating for months on end. The track was produced by Grammy nominated producer Dilemma and will definitely have you singing along.

Dom & Jesse is an acoustic Pop/Singer-songwriter duo based out of Philadelphia. Dom from rural Connecticut, and Jesse from West Palm Beach, Florida; both left their homes to chase their ambitions in music and met in Philly through mutual mentors. While both guys are singer / songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, they can often be seen with two guitars and two mics, delivering feel good music.

Their sound and style blends the current with the timeless in the mold of the story telling of the likes of Charlie Puth, mixed with cool youthfulness and sex appeal of newer acts like Shawn Mendes and Bazzi.

Dom & Jesse have a look, sound, and overall vibe that is sure to draw you in and keep you well entertained.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @domandjesse


Neil Hollyn's new single ‘No Longer A Lover’ is about the stubbornness of a broken heart, wrapped in a catchy pop song.

Neil Hollyn started armed only with a pen, spending his high school years writing songs instead of doing his homework. When he found his dad's old records of Prince and Scritti Politi, it left him with a sweet spot for that area of music.

Years later, this creative chaotic mind is working on finding his place in life and writing down his road of love, loss and mental health. Neil already has some international success as a songwriter and is now releasing his own music, inspired by modern day pop icons such as Troye Sivan, Harry Styles, LANY and The 1975, but you will surely also hear back the time he found that old record collection.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @neilhollyn

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