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Release Radar | 010

Welcome back to Release Radar, where we compile our favourite releases from the week alongside our monthly favourites playlist!

Another set of fabulous releases this week, here's what we've found...



First up are 3 piece band, Lost Stars, who released their new track 'Better Days' - a song inspired by 2020.

Lost Stars are 3 midwestern guys, "trying to make pop music pop like popcorn", influenced by pop rock heavy-hitters like Coldplay, The 1975, and 5SOS. Damian, Charley and Trey joined forces at college in Nashville, TN to form Lost Stars and aim to spread important lyrical messages paired with particularly catchy songs. 

Little did they know how much hardship 2020 would bring, and Lost Stars are looking forward to touring when it is safe, and the release of what they feel are their best songs yet.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @loststarsmusic


Austrian Rapper & Producer MP The Kid returned with new EP 'Be Mine'. With this 3-track release he tries to blend together 50s Nostalgia and modern Pop & Rap. The minimalistic and catchy arrangement of the lead single 'Be Mine' delivers a unique happy vibe, which is hard to resist. By the time the chorus hits, you know that summer has finally arrived.

MP The Kid successfully took his first steps in the right direction and has already celebrated considerable success. Besides profoundly establishing his name in the Austrian music scene,

playing at renowned festivals like Novarock Festival, FM4 Frequency Festival, Poolbar Festival, and as opening act for the Grammy Award winning Duo Twenty One Pilots. His look is inspired by icons of the 50s and his music by the likes of Drake or Post Malone.

Marco grew up in Eferding, a small town in Upper Austria, where he became fascinated with music and sound itself at an early age. What started as a childhood hobby ended up as production work for national and international artists, which was followed by MP experimenting in producing tracks for himself. To this day MP The Kid still is 100% responsible for the writing, production, mixing and mastering of all his songs. 

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @mpishere


Tropic's new track 'Secret' delves into the duality of embracing your queerness and the intoxicating ups and downs that come with trying to find love in the closet. With an infectious hook and a vibrant music video on the way, Secret is their heartfelt send off to Pride month and an eager welcome to summer.

New York based duo Tropic is what happens when electronic producer & DJ, Phuse, and R&B singer/songwriter Jo-B Sebastian join forces. Born from a mutual respect for each other’s inspirations and musical work, Tropic blends R&B textures, electronic landscapes, pop hooks, and funk rhythms, combining Phuse’s slick, luscious production and beats, with Jo-B’s velvety vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and catchy melodies.

Tropic is fast becoming an unstoppable force in 2020. Their signature sound has captured the attention of critics and fans alike, and the duo are showing no sign of slowing down.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @tropicgrams


Brooke Fair has released her new single this week. Drawing inspiration from artists like Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez, 'Universe' is built on layers of percussive synths and heavy bass and marks a tonal shift from Brooke Fair’s other recent work. 

There’s a darkness present throughout the track, a sense of power and anger that serves to emphasise the song’s lyrical content. Where previous releases focused on lovelorn longing & heartbreak, 'Universe' flips the narrative and finds Fair taking control, adapting and reaching towards becoming the person she wants to be.

16 year old Memphis singer/songwriter Brooke Fair has spent her entire life creating music. Since releasing her first EP 'All Queens Wear Crowns' at just 14 years old, she has been steadily releasing music, honing her signature sound of electro-tinged indie-pop, and garnering praise for her phenomenal songwriting prowess. In 2019, her single 'Anthem' led to her being named Songwriter of the Year by the Memphis Songwriters Association, and her music has amassed tens of thousands of plays on streaming platforms by word of mouth and grassroots promotion alone.

Brooke Fair’s career has progressed in leaps, not steps, and now she’s making another move forward with this new single.

Listen to the track HERE


Atlas Knox released new single 'Honeypot' in collaboration with Lune this week. After producing and writing hits with the likes of Stormzy, Not3s, Chaka Khan, Jax Jones, Duke Dumont and Florence and The Machine, the producers, who wish to remain anonymous, are now channeling their talent and energy to help Gen Z express themselves.

Brand new offering Honeypot sees Atlas Knox incorporate Swedish ethereal artist Lune into the fold.

From their studio in London, Atlas Knox spoke about their desire for anonymity:

“We want to be unencumbered by fame, class, race, age, gender, and outside influence. We seek to not just exist, but to optimistically, economically, and sustainably, produce more love than we consume.”

As a creative, Lune expresses herself not just through her singing but through dance which is omnipresent in her body and a big part of the way she communicates her music. A serial collaborator, Lune has written and performed with the likes of KUNGS, Icona Pop and Swedish House Mafia, making her a perfect candidate for The Accelerator.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @atlasknoxmusic


Shane Euston released new single 'Loving In The Dark'. This song is about a guy who is crushing on his high school female friend, but she’s “friend zoned” him.

Shane Euston has been in the music Industry since age 9. He has performed 3 songs which were written by him at age 11 at the 'Goa Movie Festival Awards' as well as completed a full time music production and sound engineering course in one of the best music collages in London.

Shane has been tutored by Phil Ramacon, a Grammy winning musician and songwriter who has performed with everyone from Jamelia to reggae legends Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @shane.euston


After landing 'New Music Friday' Deutschland, Norway & Switzerland as well as 'Best New Pop' Spotify editorials with single 'Rest', the writing & producing duo Aman Sheriff & Lucas McCone (from the band, Vandalye) have come together to release their first collaboration single- 'Something About The Way You Say’

This synth driven indie pop track tells a melancholic story of love & hardship in New York City.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @amansherrifmusic | @lucasmccone


Making a huge splash into the summer season for 2020 – Zizzo World has linked up with KNVWN for a celebratory single release that is firing up the hype charts around the world and catching attention from thousands of impressed listeners. We’re all very much in need of larger than life and uplifting dancefloor anthems this year and this tag-team collaboration is hitting all of the right frequencies to bring a ray of sunshine to our ears.

‘Cupid Darts’ wastes no time in letting off KNVWN’s epic vocal tones over a sultry blend of melodic layers and a throwback Progressive House lead/bass combo that oozes with summertime joy and euphoria. Absolutely perfect for both club and radio formats – ‘Cupid Darts’ nails the job of ticking boxes across the board and with the pre-release hype already swelling, this looks like one of those records that we might just remember as the soundtrack to summer 2020.

Zizzo World has shown us with no question that he’s got a serious arsenal of production skills and creativity available and when this kind of mind connects with the level of vocal work that KNVWN is capable of – you know that magic is a guaranteed result.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @serjezizzo

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