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Release Radar | 014

Welcome back to Release Radar, where we compile our favourite releases from the week alongside our monthly favourites playlist!

Another set of fabulous releases this week, here's what we've found...



After hitting a creative block and focusing on "the normal life" for some time, the non-conformist artist WEIRDO returned in 2020 with two singles, 'EUROTRASH' and most recently 'FAKIN'', both minimal, sly electronic pop tracks that shone and reignited the flame of media buzz. 

Dark pop gem 'FAKIN', a catchy, ironic, simple yet rather cut-deep track that eludes prowess and sincerity throughout. WEIRDO explains and defines his past experiences lyrically and sonically. Driving drums and dirty synths push forward the lo-fi vocals which hail both sarcasm and true meaning.

As he explains:

"Fakin' is a song I wrote about the world we live in, the people that surround us and the complexities of the modern age. I spent way too much time with and around materialistic people who were in denial of it and once I spent some time alone in thinking mode, I realised that honesty seems a thing of the past for many people nowadays..."

The music video, released earlier this week is a stunning depiction of modern day social issues by film director Lubos Rezler and DOP Filip Marek.

Listen to the track HERE


'Silly Putty' is the second release from indie electronic artist Not Famous which was released this week.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @mattisnotfamous


Walk Off The Earth have released their new single 'Farther We Go' which embraces the magical memories and the innocence of childhood, and encompasses the challenges of being a grown up. 

Life is indeed full of challenges and setbacks, but the importance of remaining hopeful and positive through moments of great difficulty is what shapes us as human beings. We really wanted to emphasize this especially in the current state of the world. 

It’s the silver lining that allows us to continue to learn and grow, and it’s what brings us together. We want to celebrate how far we’ve come as humans, and how far we still have to go. Let’s use it as motivation to continue bettering ourselves and those around us.

 "We're getting smarter, the farther and farther we go".

Walk Off the Earth is a Juno Award winning, musical phenomenon taking the world by storm, based just outside Toronto, Canada.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @walkofftheearth


The emotional turmoil of isolation has seen the breakdown of many relationships resulting in a cultural shift. Bailey Judd has channelled that unease in his new track 'Black Mould', a brutally honest look into toxic relationships and the internal rot they expose. 

Drawing from long time hero Jeff Buckley, Judd’s falsetto mourns the end of a love with reverb and lush guitar layers, complimented by Tame Impalainspired synths and production. Moving swiftly between aural sections, Judd leads the listener through a maze of disarray and romantic disappointment in just under 6 minutes. Judd marries his jazz and contemporary influences in vocal melodies emerging from guitar improvisations that can be likened to the melodic sensibilities of Melbourne favourite, Laneous.

Self produced, Judd played and programmed the majority of elements in the track in a week of isolation using voice percussion and other found sounds to build a fresh sonic palette with additional keys by Jake Amy (Emma Volard, Attaboi), adding to Judd’s explorative genre-bending wheelhouse.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @baileyjuddmusic


After receiving 60,000 streams combined on her first two self-released singles alongside numerous plays on BBC introducing, Sianon is back with an uplifting, feel good track 'Make Me Jealous'. The track about the ever relatable act of making someone jealous.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @sianonmusic


Maro released his debut single 'carsick' this week - a song uncovering the repetitive cycle stemming from an on-and-off relationship.

Born in poverty-stricken Beirut, it became clear to Maro from a young age his voice could be the ticket to a better life. Consequently, he became the walking definition of a ‘self starter.’ By his early teens, Maro was fluent in 4 languages (French, Arabic, Russian, English) and he can currently sing in 7 languages. 

Maro moved many times throughout his upbringing amidst war-torn Lebanon. Emerging from his chaotic surroundings was music - a much-needed constant and creative outlet. He began playing piano in 2nd grade and eventually joined a music school and started writing songs. He taught himself guitar from online tutorials, all while devouring every culturally-relevant musical genre: heavy metal and old-school hip hop, 90s grunge to chart-topping pop.

Maro began to see success after uploading covers to his YouTube channel, which grew immensely, seeing 28 million views on Youtube in the last year.

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @rememberthedayz


Enticing alt-pop newcomer Sly joins the Village with his riveting debut single 'Cotton Candy' featuring the talented Emily Warren (multi-billion-stream driving force behind hits for Dua Lipa, Khalid, Sigrid, Rita Ora and Charli XCX) on vocals. 

Sly, aka Sylvester Sivertsen, has racked up esteemed credits over the past few years, having collaborated and produced for notable artists including The Chainsmokers, Liam Payne, Cheat Codes, the Jonas Brothers and many more. Now he returns to the forefront of emerging artists as a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with his debut release. 

Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @sly

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