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Release Radar | 016

Welcome back to Release Radar, where we compile our favourite new releases!



Dublin four-piece The Riptide Movement are back with their eagerly anticipated new single 'Fall a Little More in Love'. Co-produced in Attica Studios with Tommy McLoughlin (Villagers, SOAK), their new track is an indie pop anthem with great lyrics, that conjure up some wonderfully evocative images of Ford Fiestas, kitchen parties and flats above Turkish barbers, the song is a memorial to enduring love, it's infectious, it's upbeat and a real feel good jam.

This new video for 'Fall A Little More In Love' is beautifully captured and makes for an intriguing watch, it's romantic, it's edgey, it's endearing and it really brings the song's lyrical narrative and infectious, feel good vibes to life. Made by the band's multi-talented songwriter and frontman Malachy Tuohy, who has directed and edited the band's recent content, including the brilliant  'All I Ever Wanted' and 'Something Special' videos. 

The Riptide Movement was founded back in 2006 and have since released four studio albums and two EP’s, 'Getting Through' went number 1 in Ireland, was a ’Choice nominated’ Gold seller and has brought the band around the world, playing alongside their favourite artists and bands at some incredible festivals and venues.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @theriptidemovement


Saint Djuni is a new music group created as a positive outlet by Clifford Goilo (Bakermat, Jeremy Renner & Bone Thugs N Harmony) & Rasmus Viberg (Next To Neon, MOMENT). Two musical friends who met in 2 different countries (Estonia & France) and are from two different nationalities (Curaçao & Sweden) making music that just feels right. Rasmus & Clifford started this project when the pandemic started and just couldn't stop making music after. It was then that both decided that people need to hear their music. 

Their new track 'Spaceman (Happy Again)' talks about being yourself and accepting difficulties in life, and take the positive out of it. Also being strong to take a leap of fate in your colorful fantasies and ideas. Because that is what will make us happy.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @saintdjuni


The newly formed eclectic and anonymous British duo Papers debuts their first release ‘Ego Death - Papers Edit’. The track is a rework of the current hit ‘Ego Death’ from US Hip Hop artist Ty Dolla $ign, inspired by the infectious verse outro from FKA Twigs & Skrillex to create an undeniable floor filler.The Papers edit is a warm up to their forthcoming project with Sony Music UK, which will feature exciting global collaborations with major artists.

The duo have worked across major label projects within dance, Hip Hop, R&B and dancehall, totalling 100s of millions of streams and been part of projects with the likes of Karen Harding, Brookes Brothers, Labrinth, 99 Souls, Iggy Azalea, Chris Brown, Papa Zeus, Faustix and many more.

Listen to the track HERE


'bonnie n clyde' is the 2nd single taken from maxime.'s forthcoming sophomore album, 'cerulean'.

maxime. (AWAL/self-released), makes alt-pop music from his apartment in Ottawa, Canada. Its sounds are lush; its nuance is colourful and distinctive. Late last year he released his ambitious 18-track debut album, 'whatevernowiscalled'.

Featuring him as its sole writer, producer, performer, and engineer, the project saw maxime. come into his own. Now, he turns his focus to his sophomore album.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @maximemusic


Highway Flowers debut single 'Slice' is about a relationship that you know isn’t working out, but you still hold on because you can’t let go of that perfect image of what it could be. You know you shouldn’t reach out, but you just can’t resist, pretending it’s all fine when really its time to let go.

Highway Flowers: something pretty to take in while you’re getting where you’re going. Created by California/New York Producer Retrograded (Jackson Klarsfeld), and Milwaukee singer and songwriter Ryan Gorski, Highway Flowers is the next big name in indie/bedroom pop.

This unlikely duo met through an instagram ad, immediately bonding over their shared passion for creating music. They quickly recognized each other’s talent, and began passing music back and forth over the internet. Since they have never met in person, Gorski and Klarsfeld write for Highway Flowers over facetime calls, texted videos, and voice notes.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram:


Full Sail's Finest Alex Alan and PrettyBoyKelsey team up to bring you the vibes your summer has been waiting for. 'Next To Me' is an upbeat tropical mix will be sure to have you outside on island time.

Listen to the track HERE Instagram: @alex_x_alan

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